Badurday- January 15, 2011- Peter Greene

First, let’s get this part done.  I’m being interviewed today here:  I’m talking about Solo Honeymoon and giving away a copy.

Commercial over. Let’s talk about a bad boy!!  I watched a movie called The Rich Man’s Wife  starring Halle Berry and the bad guy was the man of the day: Peter Greene.  He’s not classically handsome, but he’s intriguing.  I like a man with nice forearms and he wins my vote for that alone (check out the second picture).  Clive Owen is also in this movie and we all know he has great forearms and thighs to boot!!

Our bad boy was also in The Mask, Pulp Fiction, Brothers in Arms, among other movies. He was also on many television episodes.  He’s classified as a character actor.  He really pulled off bad in The Rich Man’s Wife.  Bad in a wicked cool way!  Enjoy! 

Badurday- October 23, 2010- Ulrich Thomsen

I rewatched the movie, The International, mostly because I love me some scruffy Clive Owen or Clive Owen as an Interpol  Agent, or heck, Clive Owen as Clive Owen.  Since we’ve already had Clive as a Bad-urday Boy before, I chose the Danish bad guy of this film as this week’s bad boy.  His name is Ulrich Thomsen. He really does play a pretty bad dude in this movie. I love the scene with him and his son and I also love the last scene of the movie with him and Clive. Another thing I like about this movie is the fact that Clive’s character and Naomi Watt’s character are able to work the case together with absolutely zero sexual innuendo. This is rare these days and, sometimes, it’s refreshing.

Ulrich also played in the flick with Julia Roberts and Clive where Clive was an  MI5 agent. Ulrich had a minor part in it. Must be that they’re friends or maybe he’s just that good at being bad.   He was also a bad guy in the James Bond  movie, The World is Not Enough.

Ulrich Thomsen has been a star in Demark for a while.  I found some movies that sound pretty good with him in them; namely one called Festen.  May have to rent some foreign language films with the English subtitles. 

I DO like a man in a tux! Not so happy with Ulrich with the full beard- I like him with the scruffy look better, but I’m all about giving you guys some variety.

Badurday July 31, 2010


On a personal note, today is my 28th wedding anniversary. I’ll let you know how that’s working out sometime.  On to the bad boy ’cause although I love a bad boy in a film and in books, I’ll take a steady, stable one for real life.  Dull, I know, but there it is. 

Our bad boy of the day is Jordi Molla, He played in the movie Blow with Johnny Depp where he was a drug dealer. He was King Philip of Spain in the movie with Cate Blanchett called Elizabeth, the Golden Age– Of course, in that one, my vision was blurred from looking at the handsome Clive Owen, but Jordi was excellent as the evil Spanish King. 
Jordi is one of Spain’s busiest actors and we’re lucky enough to have him in some stuff here. He was a bad boy in the movie Bad Boys, II. How apropos for one of our boys of the week to play in a movie with such a title. He was also in Che, Part II. What recently brought him back to my attention was that he was the bad guy in the movie Knight and Day. I saw it and enjoyed it immensely. It was a  funny, witty movie  and Tom Cruise was actually very good in it. I think he was so spectacular because he was playing crazy and that has come naturally to him lately. Anyway, enjoy Jordi Molla. Looking forward to more from this sexy Spaniard. 


Bad Boys II
King Philip of Spain



Badurday March 20, 2010

We are at the Silken Sands Conference at beautiful Pensacola Beach.  We have already had an awesome time.  We got inspired by all the water to bring in a pirate for Badurday.  Then Barbara Vey invited us to her virtual party on her blog.  Since the party is in Paris, we decided to choose a Frenchman.  This guy played the bad guy in the Clive Owen movie, Derailed.  He also played the thief in one of  the Ocean’s movies.  He was very, very evil in Derailed.  AND very, very agile in the Ocean’s movie.   Victor Cassel.  Enjoy!

Join us at Barbara’s blog for the vitual party.  We’re bringin the hot French men!

EDITED to FIX this hunky dude’s name to the correct name:  VINCENT.  Sorry, mon ami.

Bad-urday November 21- Clive Owen

I saw a beautiful movie last week with Clive Owen in it- it was called The Boys are Back.  Very sweet movie.  He plays a widower trying to re-connect with his children as well as deal with the loss of his wife.  He is a gorgeous man but usually plays really flawed characters.  This guy had some flaws as well but it was a change from his normal role.  A more gentle character, if you will.    When I think of him as a “Bad boy”  I think of some of his newer movies – like The International.  In that one, he was big and bad with a gun. 

He has also played in a few period pieces-  he could be my white knight anytime! 

Now, the next movie I’m going to mention may offend some of you but it is really a fantastic movie.  It is called Close My Eyes.  Clive was very young when he played in it.  He almost derailed his career (and yes, he was cute and tough in Derailed, too) over this movie.  It was quite controversial.  He played the brother of a married woman.  He and his sister had an affair.  It was very intense.   It really is a must see film.   There is also a scene of full frontal nudity of Clive.  You may want to close your own eyes with this last picture!    But look at how young he was-  a mere child!

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