Edits Are Fun, Yeah Right!

Hello everyone! So I just wrapped up edits on my upcoming release, Rawhide Angel. Right now the copy editor has it and copy editor willing I’ll be done with that book after a great read through. While I wait my wonderful critique partner, Rebecca Zanetti mentioned a romantic suspense book that I had started awhile back. I actually wrote around 16k on the book before seeing something shiny and forgetting about it :). Now I’m reading through it and well, I like it. I mean I like all of it except my bad guy.

Sometimes I see these series in my head and honestly believe that I can pull off a trilogy. I had this in mind when I began this book. In fact, I know each character what their beginning is, their arc, and their end. All except my bad guy that is. Holy crap its hard to make a bad guy really bad. I mean, yeah I can say he’s just insane but come on, that’s just not gonna fly with an editor. Plus, I have three bad guys but only one is the ultimate villan. Oh I’m so out there on this one!!

One day I’m going to write a book on all the comments I make to myself while writing as well as all the comments that Rebecca says. Some of them make me want to scream, others actually help. While I was stressing out Sunday on how to manage my bad guys and their stories Rebecca simply said, “Tell one story at a time. Focus on one bad guy in each book.” Oh soooo simple. I’m very blessed to say that I am PLOTTING the first book out with limited book two focus. Of course I have to add a little here and there to work with in book two but I’m so happy now that my mind is not spinning out of control.

While I have your attention however, I’d like to say I wish you all a happy holiday season. Recently while I was working I was told that one of my students wasn’t allowed to participate in anything to do with Santa Claus. At first I thought it was because her religion didn’t believe in the celebration of Christmas. Over the years most religions have conceded that scholars are right and Christ wasn’t born in the fall and that early catholics picked the time to celebrate his birth to offset the pagan holidays. So I just assumed that was what it was with my student. However, I was wrong. Her family simply doesn’t believe in the commercialism of Christs birthday. They don’t believe in Santa or what he stands for. So, just out of curiosity I wonder what you all think? Me, I see what they mean but I also believe that Santa is a great tool. I told my children that Santa helps deliver presents and spread God’s message.


Thanks all,

Sayde Grace

Special Edition of Bad-urday for Easter

I’m going to talk a bit about this actor and tell you a few things he was in- He’s not really a bad boy but he is dead sexy – Then, I’ll tell you why he’s the Easter edition-

Many of my friends know how much I would hate to be Jessica Fletcher’s friend (you know, the Murder, She Wrote woman?) because if you’re her friend, you either die or get accused of murder. Even if you are just AROUND her, you are in danger of one of these happening to you.  Our actor of the day had one of his first roles of his career as an accused on that show in 1995.

He also played in one of my favorite time travel/mystery movies, Frequency. Gotta love some Dennis Quaid in that one, too. That was an awesome movie. Great premise. Good pacing and drama unfolding.

Our dude of the day was also in one of my favorite historical movies.  He looked amazing in the white shirt, breeches, and boots. AND cape.  AND he can handle a sword. Get thyself to Netflix and rent The Count of Monte Cristo. You won’t regret it.

James Caviezel is the man of the day: 

 As for the reason he is the Man of the Day, he played Christ in The Passion of the Christ- I did not see it because I couldn’t bear to watch it – I heard that he was stellar in  the role and that many, many people left the theatre in tears.  I would have loved to see it but I just can’t. I’m so grateful for what Jesus did for me and the world but I can’t bear a re-enactment of it.  It seems too personal.   And I know I would sob and sob.  Those of you who saw it, I admire your guts.

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