Rumors on Patience

Hello everyone! First off let me say I’m disappointed to admit I didn’t know last month was Cowboy Lovin’ month over at The Cozy Page(Amber Leigh Williams blog). Man I wish I would have thought about it because you lovely followers would have loved the posts and all the great authors and characters. So even though today is the beginning of a new month why don’t y’all go check it out. You’ll find many authors and books you will enjoy.

Now let’s get down to business:

Rumors on patience. Many of you know I’m waiting on my edits from my editor(yes, MY editor). I’ve heard people fall into three categories regarding patience.

1. Patience is a Virtue- these fine people can wait without fidgeting, whinning, or even caring that they’re waiting.

2. God Give Me Patience- these fine people are trying really hard not to fidget, whine, or care but are still squirming in their chairs.

3. To Hell With Patience, I Want It NOW- enough said.

So does anyone wanna guess what category I’m in?  Tell me how you find patience and keep it.

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