Getting Back to Writing

Hello all! The last week or so I haven’t written a thing. My hub is all to blame!! He’s been on vacation and had a million things to do during the day. At night I find my laptop has been stolen so he can watch youtube. I swear him and the kids are addicted to watching youtube! But today things are back to normal and I’m trying to get back into writing.

My main problem is that I’m stuck between two books. One WIP I started two months or so ago and the other about a month ago. The first book I mentioned is a paranormal about true shifters. The plot is complex and the shifters are living amongst us in hiding. I’ve had a bit of trouble trying to get all the whys and why nots fleshed out. Also I checked my sales numbers for my paranormal books and then checked my cowboy books sales numbers and WOW! Major difference. Seems people are way more interested in my cowboys than my paranormals so I’ve gotten a little discouraged about my paranormals. My critique partner, the wonderful, but about to be harmed for teasing me with RWA information, Rebecca Zanetti believes that I should stick with this one and submit it at the Silken Sands Writers Conference in March.  I’m just not sure if I’m up to finishing another paranormal that I’ll have to shop around with the other millions of paranormals being shopped around.

The second WIP is a cowboy/motorcycle book. This one I am excited about because it’s kinda wanting to lean into a suspense. My first ever manuscript was a god awful written suspense. I still love the plot and characters but my writing really was awful. This new one is about a woman who lived on Camp Street in New Orleans as a homeless orphan. She sang in bars to earn money for food. At the age of 18 her and her boyfriend were attacked. She killed a man and fled the city. In fact, she ended up in a small town in North Montana. For ten years she’s tried to be a better person, tried to make a life for herself. But when one motorcycle riding cowboy shows up in town her life is sent right back to the days of Camp Street.  For Camp Taylor (yes, she named herself for the street she grew up on so she’d never forget how hard life was) her past comes barreling down on her when Reno Henderson brings his motorcycle gang buddies to town. One of his buddies was involved in the fight where she killed a man. Now she and Reno have to figure out if their sizzling lovelust is worth the pain and destruction sure to come.

I’ve only gotten about three thousand words written on this one but as you see I’ve got it plotted. BUT in my original plot it was not a suspense at all. It was just a love story with hot scenes. Now it seems it’s gonna have some suspense in it too.


So my question to you all is how do you decide between manuscripts. What makes you choose one over the other?


thanks all



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