Badurday- June 11, 2011- Philip Winchester

As promised last week, I’m posting Philip Winchester from Camelot.  He plays Leontes and he’s so dang sexy, it makes me want to cry. The guy they have playing Arthur is not attractive to me at all. Guinevere is married to Leontes this season and had slept with Arthur before she married Leontes. Uh, hello? The guy you’re married to is all hotness and you sleep with the boy king?  Yeah, I know he’s the king and all that, but puhleese!

Philip also played in an episode of Warehouse 13 which I love and was in Fringe, the tv series. The video up there is from a movie called In My Sleep and I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure going to. It’s right up my alley!

He played Robinson Crusoe in  Crusoe and looked pretty hot in that, too. Here he is.

And just for fun, I saw this comic  in the paper this week and it was appropriate for me and this blog:

Badurday- June 4, 2011- Clive Standen

My favorite Clive is Clive Owen  but there is another Clive from the British Isles that’s pretty  amazing himself. His name is Clive Standen.  He’s played in a number of great shows, most notably as Robin Hood’s Brother on the BBC television series. He’s also played a character on Dr. Who.  What I’m enjoying him in right now is a series on the Starz channel. It’s called Camelot and has the amazing Joseph Fiennes as Merlin  in it as well. Clive plays Sir Gawain and man, he is some kind of hot. I love a man in breeches and one that’s not afraid to get dirty.  Enjoy a taste of Clive Standen. Check him out in some of his roles if you have a hankering to drool a bit.

Badurday – April 9, 2011- Sebastian Koch

I’m not sure if you all have heard of this guy that is amazingly sexy and hot. He’s German and ooh la la, he’s just wonderful. I first saw him in a movie that I adore. It’s called Black Book. It’s in Dutch and the setting is during WWII. Now, before you get all hot and bothered that I’m touting a foreign language film, let me assure you, this movie is so excellent that you’ll forget you’re reading subtitles. I kid you not, this is such a good story, I bet you’ll love it. I own it and I adore it.  There’s a cute little theatre near where I live that shows art films and that’s where I saw this flick for the first time. Our bad boy of the day plays a Nazi and the heroine is Jewish. Guess what happens? Yes, it’s a love story. Intrigued? Rent it- you won’t regret it.

By the way, if you’ve been watching Camelot, the tv series, he plays King Uther. Here’s Sebastian Koch.

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