It’s Time to Cowboy Up

Hello all! Today I’m doing a impromptu post. I hadn’t planned on putting anything together as I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about me and my cowboys but today we must Cowboy Up. This saying hits home because while I’ve been taking a short break from writing and editing I realized I have edits due to my editor on Monday! I haven’t even started yet so tonight my plan is to Cowboy Up and get those damn edits finished!!   

The edits I am talking about are for my new release in my “Cowgirl Tough” series. The second book, a separate story from Riding Double will feature familiar names who will be striking out in relationships of their own. In THE HARDER THEY BUCK readers will be introduced to a new setting and new faces. This setting and characters will lead to my “Wicked Cowboy’s” series. I’m thrilled to present the readers here on the Southern Sizzle Blog with the first ever excerpt of THE HARDER THEY BUCK:   

Oh yeah let me warn y’all this is an erotic romance with heavy steam! It’s Hot! Handle with care 🙂   

            The others she’d slept with at Minx had all been good-looking men, but this guy took the cake. He was a man made to lust after and never touch; touching would lead most women to sure heartache. But tonight Melanie would touch him and relish every second of it. The guy was ripped from top to bottom. Well what bottom she could see as he still had on his pants.   

            His eyes racked over her nude body before a small curve lit his lips into a smile. Her breath caught in her chest the smile, so familiar yet so strange. He stepped into the room one foot slowly descending to the floor at a time. With each stride she backed toward the bed. Her heart hammered against the confines of her chest and her pussy already ached. The look of pure desire shining through his veiled brown eyes sent a quiver of desire to her soul.   

             She was in deep shit and knew it. This guy would take her however he wanted and she’d love every second of it. But he’d demand her submission and that was something not easily given by her. Something she’d never given to anyone. Her feet caught on one of the plush rugs on the floor and she stumbled backward. A strong large hand snaked around her upper arm and righted her. She gazed at the man, not knowing what to say or do but then he did it for her.   

              He tugged her flush against him and stroked her back with his other calloused hand. Bright brown eyes bore into hers and she knew deep down to stay still and silent. Let him get his eye full and then she’d be able to get some release. Her skin tingled with each inch he touched and heat, white-hot and scorching heat melted her inside out. She struggled not to pant as he slowly ran his hand to her waist.   

               Melanie sucked in a breath when he eased away studying her body. His hand circled her waist, grazing her skin with his short clipped fingernails and she trembled when the pressure increased. His hand skimmed her narrow waist as he slid around her body to stand behind her. The scent of mint from toothpaste and the spice of cologne wafted in her senses.   

                All thoughts left her mind when the heat from his skin singed hers.  

 Thanks everyone for stopping by today and reading the first ever excerpt of THE HARDER THEY BUCK coming from The Wild Rose Press soon. Don’t forget that RIDING DOUBLE is available now at The Wild Rose Press.

Countdown to Conference Interview Two, Author Cat Johnson’s Cowboys

SAYDE:  Hello everyone. I’m so sorry to be posting this midday but I was sick this morning and still not feeling well so bear with me. Today we have as our guest blogger author Cat Johnson. If you’ve never read any of her erotic romances, get prepared to go get them because they are GREAT. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about the characters Cat  created and brought to life in her books, so I’ll let her tell you more about them.


Here is a confession… I fear I may be a bit of a cougar. This suspicion came to light when I met online and started working closely with a bull rider twenty years my junior who helped me write my cowboy books.
It’s not my fault, really. I mean younger men are hot. Have you looked at them? If so, then you have to agree. Sure, you may have to do things like explain to a younger man who The Who was during the Superbowl halftime show. And maybe they were born during the year you graduated college, putting them firmly in the “yes, I could have birthed him” category. But again, I remind you of the tight stomachs, the stamina (you know, in case you’re jogging with them), and of course, an eagerness to please you just don’t find in older men.

Do my not-so-secret cougar tendencies creep up in my writing? You bet they do. The older heroine/younger bull riders theme in my cowboy threesome Unridden (Studs in Spurs, Book 1) is evidence of that. Also the frequent reappearance in both books 1 and 2 in the series of the young rookie bull rider Chase who likes older women is further testament that although I don’t have the liberty of acting on my cougar nature, I enjoy it immensely in my fantasy world.

Okay, maybe I do flirt a little bit with my cowboy consultant. And yes, I’ll admit the character of Chase is totally based upon my cowboy, who thank God had another birthday. So now, thanks to the wonders of mathematics, is no longer exactly half my age the way he was the year I first met him. But aside from that, I must satisfy my inner cougar with my writing.
Yes, I’m not done with Chase (or my cowboy) yet. There are a few of his personal experiences written into BUCKED which spent its fifth day in the number one slot at MBaM today! And I just this week started writing Chase’s story for Studs in Spurs Book 3. I only hope I can make the fictional cowboy live up to his inspiration. 


SAYDE GRACE:   I’d like to add that my favorite of Cat’s books is Roughstock. I love the blend of emotion and desire she weaved within the characters in that book. All of her books have great emotional depth but for my personal tastes Roughstock is my pick.  But all who read this and leave a comment I will put your name in a drawing and Saturday morning I’ll draw for a winner to recieve a gift certificate to buy one of  Cat’s terrific books. Bucked was just released and after reading it I can say without a doubt she’s done it again! Don’t forget to leave your comments and next week we have agent Joyce Holland from the D4EO Literary Agency as well as author Amber Leigh Williams.

So take a look at Cat’s books and enter to win one!








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