Badurday – February 16, 2013- The A-Team

Decided to go back to an old favorite since I watched it with my son last night. This movie is just a fun romp all the way around. I sure wish they’d make another one. It doesn’t hurt that there’s all kinds of handsome guys running around on screen either. From the good guys to the bad guys, there seems to be no end to the hotness. Enjoy the trailer and check it out if you haven’t seen it. If you have, watch it again. It’s a kick.

Badurday- September 29, 2012- Bradley Cooper

Today I bring you a movie trailer for a movie I want to see called The Words. As a writer, it is something that I think could happen to any one of us (although I’ve never written anything close to what I’d call a best-seller even though I’ve been on my publisher’s best seller list). Bradley Cooper plays a bad boy in this one. He passes off someone else’s story as his own. Bad, bad, bad. And yeah, he looks hot while he’s doing it. So even if you hate him in the role, you can still enjoy the view, right?

Badurday- November 19, 2011- The Sexiest Man Alive Edition

Dandwh, a friend and frequent commenter here, suggested our man of the day to me. He was a really bad boy in He’s Not That Into You and was a bad a** in The A-Team. It seems he’s been voted the Sexiest Man Alive for this year.  There was some discussion with my friend about why they have to put the word Alive in there- after all, who wants to win Sexiest Corpse, right? Anyway, after that fun chat, I decided I’d conform and call him the Sexiest Man Alive like I’m supposed to.  So, without further ado, I give you Bradley Cooper.  Watch the video at the end because, after all, is there anything sexier than a man speaking a foreign language? Especially one of the romance languages?  You’ll have to make the effot to click the link because WordPress is hating on me and won’t upload the video. It’s worth the trouble, I promise.

A Wetsday Quickie

Must dash today, my loves. I am deep in the throes of final edits on my Georgian-era romance, PROOF OF LOVE.

(I did mention that it is coming out in ebook on November 7, didn’t I? Oh, only a few thousand times? Sorry.)

Anyway, today’s guest is a sure crowd-pleaser. He’s not only a favorite of mine, he’s quite the pet of several A-list celebrity females. Even dear Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger, kept him around for decorative value for a while.

(Y’all know that Bridget’s true love, Mark Darcy/Colin Firth was the inspiration for the Duke in PROOF OF LOVE, right? Oh, okay.)

And our boy has no compunction about stripping down and getting wet. Of course, with abs like that, why should he?

(And I have no compunction about telling you that PROOF OF LOVE is a fabulous read, which you should all look for in your favorite ebook store next month. Sorry. Last interruption, I promise.)

So, without further ado, here is the very lovely, very hot Mr. Bradley Cooper!





Badurday – March 26, 2011- Bradley Cooper

I have been sadly remiss in not bringing you this guy as the Badurday Boy. He has been a bad boy in a few things.  He was in He’s Just Not That Into You as a pretty smarmy cheater husband.  He was also the Face in the remake of The A-Team and he was incredibly bad a** in that. He was also in The Hangover as a pretty wild guy.   If you watch his earlier stuff, he was not such a dream boat. He’s one of those guys that needed a little age on him to make him more attractive.  Enjoy!

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