Dealing with Disappointments as an Author

Dealing with Disappointments as an Author

Every day in real life we are all faced with some sort of disappointment or challenge. In our writing lives this isn’t much different. Sometimes we hit the send button on a query letter thinking this is it, this query will be the one. Only a few days later disappointment fills us. I wish I could say that disappointment ends once you get that contract we all strive to get as writers.

As a reader I never imagined that writers go through so many ups and downs with bottomless pits filled with disappointment. But now, I have to say those damn pits suck!

Once I got my contract for my first novella I wondered if I’d be done dealing with the ups and downs and everything in between.  What I’ve found is that the bar of expectations is raised and now disappointments feel harsher.

On a whole I enjoy the writing process but there are times that I wonder what publishers are thinking. Sometimes it feels like you’re a cow being prodded through the chutes to slaughter. Right now everywhere I turn there seems to be a lot of negatives out there about the writing industry. I know for me, that I’m not as happy as I once was with the editing process and having no options at all when it comes to covers. From what I hear through the grapevine I’m not the only writer feeling this way.

Dealing with these feelings is so hard. I want to rant and rave about everything I’ve heard and seen lately but that’s not the thing to do. Even though we are mostly all grownups in the writing industry feelings get hurt easily. Words can be said in the heat of an argument that you can’t take back and then you may be “labeled” for the rest of your writing career.

Whenever I’m feeling disappointed and angry about writing I put those emotions into my characters. Maybe there is something that they are discontented about, maybe they can rant and rave for me.  So today while I’m writing I will be releasing pent up frustration and hopefully letting my characters grow.

How do you deal with the disappointments in writing or life?

Thanks all


My Inbox at 10:20pm

Hello everyone! Today I had planned on talking about finding my muse. The heifer had left  me for a while but all of a sudden she came back and I wrote 7k yesterday. I only lack two chapters before my novella is finished and ready for me to begin layering it and editing. I’m so excited about this because I’ve seriously struggled with this story. Nothing has been right but now I’m pretty happy.

And last night as I was trying to decide on whether to turn my computer off for the night or write some more I got a surprise! My second novella with The Wild Rose Press and their Scarlett Rose line was contracted a few months ago. I turned in my FINAL edits about two weeks ago and I’ve been waiting patiently for my release date and my cover. With RIDING DOUBLE I actually got my cover within weeks of the contract so I’ve been wondering where oh where is my new cover. Rebecca Zanetti(you know my critique partner) and I were emailing back and forth the other day and she even asked me where the heck is that cover?

 I was getting worried. I mean here I am, done with ALL my edits and still don’t have a release date or a cover.  Just as I was getting anxious I got a very nice email last night at 10:20 pm. Wanna see what was in my inbox? Oh come on you know you do! Just say yes cause I’m gonna show you anyway!!

Isn’t it just pretty!! I’m so thrilled to share this for the first time ever here with you all.

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