Wetsday Pecs

Good Wetsday Morning, meine kinder! Its been an exciting week here on the Sizzle — Sayde Grace had the release of her second book, The Harder They Buck, SFCatty, aka Jillian Chantal, now has her first release from Desert Breeze Publishing listed on their “Coming Soon” page on the website. (Seeing it in black and white, out in front of the whole world makes it seem more real, you know?)

And here chez Ro’mama, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Well, ok, maybe not the entire free world, but at least the fate of my sweet Duke and Lady Susan. Yes, my dears, there may be one or two poor wandering lambs out there who haven’t heard that I got a request for full on my historical. So, being the obsessive-compulsive ADHD person that I am, I have been checking my email on a regular schedule. Not that I’m letting it get out of control, now. I have a firm rule that at least 60 seconds must pass before I hit the refresh button on my yahoo page.

So with all that email checking, you were worried that I wouldn’t find a wet gentleman to grace our Wetsday blog? Oh ye of little faith! Not only did I find one, he has about the prettiest pecs I’ve seen in a long time!

One of the DD’s favorite movies is a silly little thing called Zoolander, with Ben Stiller. It’s cute, with Stiller as a fashion model who is brainwashed into assassinating the leader of a third world country where sweatshop couture is a big industry. The evil mastermind is played in a delightfully over-the-top manner by Will Farrell. But the real reason to watch Zoolander is the large number of male models and attractive male actors who make cameo appearances therein — Billy Zane, my darling Billy, for one. (Zoolander Quote: “Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.”)

And if you watch Zoolander, you can get a look at former Ralph Lauren model and possibly the world’s best-put-together human, Mr. Tyson Beckford. Here he is, in his H2O drenched glory:

and now, I’ve got to run check my email. . .


zane1So, its time for Bad-urday again. This week’s bad boy is Billy Zane. Who can forget him and how bad he was in Titanic? What woman in her right mind would have picked the child, Leonardo Dicaprio when she could have the fabulously sexy Billy Zane? Yes. He was a jerk. But, he sure looked fine. He was better off without the Kate Winslet character- I still say she had enough room to move over on the piece of the ship she was floating on- she could have made room for her doomed love on that raft and saved him from his watery grave. But maybe she re-thought it and decided he wasn’t worth saving and so did not share her perch!
AND who could forget how evil Billy was in Dead Calm?

Anyway, Enjoy Mr. Zane!zane 2

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