Moonday’s Paranormal Hunks

Putting on my paranormal persona today to celebrate the return of Being Human.  Being Human came to the US for its first season last year.  The series’ second season premieres tonight. SyFy brought three paranormal beings together as roommates in a house.  Aiden is a vampire (Sam Witwer from Smallville) who is tortured (most of the time) by his taste for blood and what he must do to get it.  Josh (played by Sam Huntington), a former genial med school student, is a recently-turned werewolf who must learn to live with his new life in which he awakens naked in strange and public places. The third member of the trio is Sally (Reaghan Rath), a lonely ghost who is doomed to live in the house in which she died (or was murdered). The SyFy channel is treating fans to a Being Human marathon all day Monday. Check out the pics of the stars.


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Badurday- September 3, 2011- Aidan Turner

I know, I’ve already featured this guy before but, you know what? This is my day to talk about bad boys and I can do what I want (with a few restrictions) and so, here he is again. Last time I featured him, I was talking about the show called Being Human where our boy played a vampire. He’s since left that show in a tragic ending. Now, I’m telling you to watch a show called Desperate Romantics  which was actually filmed prior to Being Human.  In this series, Aidan plays Dante Gabriel Rossetti, famous poet and painter.  The man he plays was quite sexual and had lots of charisma and charm that he used on the ladies. Aidan definitely fits the bill in this movie. He’s sultry and wicked.  I’ve also seen that he’s set to play in The Hobbit.  Should be interesting to see him in that as well. He’s a great actor, to say nothing of a hot, bad boy!  If you’re so inclined, do a google search of him in this series as there are some nice nude shots (this is one of my restrictions on doing what I want here, so I’m leaving the search to you. )

Happy Labor Day- take in a movie with a bad boy if you’re bored. I’m sure there’s either one near you or one on Netflix.

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Badurday- September 18, 2010- AidEn Vs. AidAn Turner

So, I planned a special Being Human edition of Badurday for this weekend as  tonight is the season finale. I love, love, love this show.  John Mitchell is a vampire and he is trying so hard to kick the blood habit. He lives with a werewolf and a ghost and all three are trying to live as humans. Aiden Turner plays Mitchell and he’s an excellent actor as evidenced by how different his persona is on the show versus the snippets of actor  interviews they show during commercials.  He’s all broody and moody as Mitchell and seems like a fun loving guy for real. This show is on BBC America but I hear they are gonna do an American version (shock, shock- all our shows seem to come through Britain first).  Anway this guy is Irish and very compelling.

When I looked for pictures of him, imagine my surprise to find there is an American soap opera actor with a very similar name- One is Aiden Turner with an “e” and the other is Aidan with an “a.”

I have no idea if the Aiden with an “e” is bad or not but he’s a fine speciman of a man just like the vampire, Aidan with an “a.”  I’ll let you sample a bit of both boys anyway. Enjoy!

Badurday March 6, 2010

Although I am a complete history nerd and always have been, I write mostly contemporary romance.  I have several reasons.  One is that I have issues with the way women were treated and held back from their dreams in times past (Yeah.  I know, I should mine those feelings for some kick butt story). The other major reason is pure laziness.  I don’t want the “Historical police” to come after me for using the wrong language for the time (although Sayde would probably say that I should go for it due to my distaste for contractions).  I have written one historical but have been told it’ll never sell because it is based in 1920.  I couldn’t help it. It was a story that had to be told.  But, I digress from the topic of my post.  AND I know you are all saying, this is all well and good, SFCatty, but get with it already.  Where’s the bad boy and why are you telling us all this crap? Ok.  Ok.  Have some patience, I’m telling you all this because you may be shocked at my choice of genre today.

There was a show on BBC America last summer (and season two will be on this summer) that was just a wonderful little six episode show. The name of it is Being Human.  The story is about a vampire named Mitchell, a werewolf named George and a ghost named Annie.   Mitchell is trying to quit his blood addiction cold turkey and George is fighting his werewolf tendencies.  They decide to move into a flat together to try to live as humanly as possible.  The flat they move into is haunted by Annie.  She was murdered there.  She’s thrilled that they can see her.  It is a fun premise.  The funniest part is that the vampire and the werewolf both work in a hospital.  Mitchell is dead sexy (pun intended) and tempted by all the blood in the hospital.  I highly recommend this and you can download it to your I-Pod from

Mitchell is played by Aiden Turner.  A fine Irish lad. He was in an episode of The Tudors and he has a show coming on BBC called Desperate Romantics which I hope will be aired here as well.  Enjoy:

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