Badurday- May 19, 2012- Eion Bradley

I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time since it started and man, do they have some hot guys on that show. Sigh. I’ve been very intrigued by this one. He rode into town on a motorcycle with a leather jacket and jeans and a scruffy face. I melted. He’s got wonderful blue eyes and is gorgeous. We were left in the dark about him for quite a while and recently found out his role in the story. I don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t been watching, so I won’t say who he plays.

He was also in Band of Brothers and one of the sites I looked at said he was in Fight Club. He must have been super young then. I can’t recall that but mayhaps I need to watch it again.

I was working on my cover questionnaire for The Tainted Keitre, a story that is coming out with Secret Cravings Publishing and who else better to play the hero, Anton? I like when publishers ask to see a link to the person you had in mind as the characters when the story was written. I think it makes for better cover art. Of course, I also like my readers to picture the hero in their own mind with the qualities they like so I don’t overdo it on the descriptions- some say that makes me Hemingway since he didn’t like to overdo descriptions either. I take that! Enjoy Eion!

Hot Ginger Wetsday!

Y’all know I love me some ginger. There’s something about that red hair, the cute “Opie from Mayberry” vibe, not to mention the legendary temper. (Y’all also know I love me a man with a temper – Jonny Lee Miller in Emma, Billy Zane in Titanic, etc.) So I’m always on the lookout for an attractive gentleman of the auburn persuasion.
But today’s gentleman really kind of snuck up on me. I’d seen him in lots of things, but frankly, when a guy is on the same bill with Gerard Butler (300), James McEvoy (X-Men: First Class), Brad Pitt (Inglourious Basterds), and Donnie Wahlberg (Band of Brothers), well, hey, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And by virtue of his very formidable acting talent, he just took on the persona of his character and didn’t really stick in my mind.
Ok, I’m sorry! Dearest Mr. Fassbender, never again will I overlook you and your ginger-haired studliness. After your stellar interpretation of the original tight-assed (in more ways than one) romance hero, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, I am a card-carrying Fassy-Fan!
Ladies, I give you – Mr. Michael Fassbender!

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