Badurday- March 23, 2013- Scott Bakula

I’ve been watching reruns of Quantum Leap in the evenings. I’ve always loved Scott Bakula and I really like the way they seemed to always give us a lot of his bare chest on that show. I also love the way he says some version of “oh boy” each time he leaps to a new life. I found this on youtube that’s kind of a tribute to him. Dean Stockwell who played Al on the show was really the bad boy of that show and I love him, too. How about you? Were you a fan?

Badurday- March 16, 2013- Michael Collins

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m planning to watch one of my all time favorite Irish movies, Michael Collins. That man was truly what I would call one of my bad boys. He was strong, full of conviction and even though he was hated by the British, he did what he needed to do to stand up for what he believed even to the point of dying for those beliefs. This movie somewhat romanticizes what happened in the fight for Irish independence but it’s a good film. I love the way the cast relates to each other and the scenery and cinematography are superb. It doesn’t hurt that Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn and Liam Neeson are easy on the eyes, too. Enjoy the day, drink a toast to your favorite Irishman and watch a flick.

Badurday- March 9, 2013- Blog Hop With Prizes

This weekend, one of my publishers Sweet/Secret Cravings, is having a Sweet blog hop. There are thirty-four writers participating and there are tons of giveaways. Over at my personal blog, I’m sharing an excerpt from my April release called Venetian Masks and I’m giving away two prizes. One is a back-list e-book and one is a lovely Italian ceramic dip holder and spreader. Two commenters will win. I’m also sharing a recipe for cannoli. Check it out at

Click HERE or on the picture to head over to see the list of all 34 participants. Win something today or tomorrow. Happy spring.

Badurday – March 2, 2013- Cassandra Carr’s Character Jason

CC_SeeTheLightJason is the protagonist in my friend Cassandra Carr’s latest release called See the Light. He’s a 22 year old hockey player who made the Olympic team. This is a male/male romance and I had a chance to interview Jason and get the skinny on his attraction to Patrick. Join me as I chat with this handsome guy.

Jillian: Welcome to the Southen Sizzle blog, Jason. What’s your sign? What characteristics of that sign are key to your personality?

Jason: My sign is Taurus. I’ve heard that’s the bull one, and I believe it. After all, would I be where I am today if I wasn’t a stubborn little SOB? There have been so many obstacles to me becoming an NHLer and Olympian, not the least of which is the secret I keep from everyone.

Jillian: OOh. I’m intrigued to learn about your secret. This is the bad boy day here on this blog. So, I have to ask: What’s the wickedest thing you’ve ever done?

Jason: Hmmm. I’m going to sound so boring, but Patrick bought me these, well, you can’t really call them underwear. He bought me this thing, and I wore it to dinner, knowing it would make Patrick lose his mind.

Jillian: Ooh, even more intriguing. When did you first realize you fancied Patrick?

Jason: Oh wow. Probably the minute I figured out for sure he was gay. I wanted him before that, and it only got worse when it looked like the attraction might be mutual. But what gay man wouldn’t want him? I mean, look at him *shows a picture of Patrick*. He’s hot.

Jillian: Share some facet of Patrick’s history that we won’t read in the book but that contributed to his personality now.

Jason: Patrick has lived with the whole closeted-gay thing way longer than I have, obviously, and though he’s a very loving man, he’s understandably a little wary about the people around him. He’s always been afraid if he didn’t settle down with a woman people would begin to suspect his sexuality. He hated denying that side of himself all these years, but knew it was necessary.

Jillian: What’s your pregame routine? Do you have any superstitions like wearing the same socks or not retaping your stick?

Jason: No, I’m not too bad. I put on my equipment the same way, but I think that’s more routine or habit than superstition, and I don’t freak out if something disrupts that routine. I’ve got enough to worry about without fearing skating over a line on the ice or doing a little twirl as soon as I get out there.

Jillian: Tell us about your journey to the Olympics. How long have you been training and playing? Any injuries that sidelined you for a while?

Jason: I’ve been playing on a team since I was five, so seventeen years. The serious training didn’t start until I was about thirteen or fourteen, though. Some scouts happened to see a game I was in and told my parents they should try to develop my talent. They did what they could, but ultimately it came down to how hard *I* wanted to work. My parents couldn’t do this for me.

I’ve never had a serious injury *knocks on the wood table in front of him*, but it’s only a matter of time. I’ve had the same stuff everybody gets -a bruise from blocking a shot, a pulled groin, that sort of thing. I’ve been lucky.

Jillian: What’s your favorite thing about Patrick?

Jason: *groans* I can only name one? *smiles softly* The way he makes me feel safe.

Jillian: Thanks for being here today. I hope the readers will love your story. Good luck at the olympics.

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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Bad Boy- February 23, 2013- Badurday

This week was the birthday of Alan Rickman. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I adore him. He’s versatile and plays all his roles with a singular goal of doing the best work that he can do. He’s utterly charming in his interviews and I admire the way he endeavors never to give a spoiler for any of his films in these interviews. Here’s a poem to celebrate. Here’s to many more birthdays for this man and many more years of work and entertainment for us, the masses.

Badurday – February 16, 2013- The A-Team

Decided to go back to an old favorite since I watched it with my son last night. This movie is just a fun romp all the way around. I sure wish they’d make another one. It doesn’t hurt that there’s all kinds of handsome guys running around on screen either. From the good guys to the bad guys, there seems to be no end to the hotness. Enjoy the trailer and check it out if you haven’t seen it. If you have, watch it again. It’s a kick.

Badurday – February 9, 2013- “Warm Bodies”

This new movie based on a book seems to be taking the world by storm and I’ve been trying to make it to the theater to see it since it came out. I was going on Thursday with one of my sons but the second one said he wanted to go as well and he had class so we’re going to try to go today. I really felt old when I learned that the star of the movie was the little boy in the movie with Toni Collette and Hugh Grant About a Boy. Can you believe that cute kid, Nicholas Hoult, grew up to be so handsome even as a zombie? I love it. Here’s<a href="“> a link to the trailer in case you’re wondering what the heck I’m yammering on about.

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