Badurday- May 18- Benedict Cumberbatch

I’m not a huge Star Trek fan- I prefer Star Wars and Doctor Who, but I am a very, very big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. I think he’s absolutely brilliant and I’m planning to see the movie for him and him alone. It’ll be two hours of bliss for me- at least when he’s on the screen. I also like Simon Pegg and some of the other actors in this one but be sure Benedict is the lure for me and he looks to be deliciously evil in this one. If you see it, I hope you enjoy!

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Badurday- April 20, 2012- Harrison Ford

I got a review this week on one of my books that came out about six months ago and it was a superb 4 star review. I was excited to see it and the reviewer totally “got” my characters. The hero in the story The Gambler’s Brother was inspired by Harrison Ford in two movies of his that I love, Hanover Street and Force Ten From Navarone. In both those movies and especially Hanover Street, he plays a cocky, straight-shooting military officer in WWII. My Beaumont McSwain in my story was also a cocky American pilot until a mission went awry. The novel is partially his journey back to being whole and accepting what has happened to him. Here’s the ad for Hanover Street from when it was in theatres.

Here’s the link to the review of The Gambler’s Brother review.

Snapdragon was the reviewer and I think some of my favorite parts of her review were as follows:

“Wrought with very human emotion, The Gambler’s Brother will not fail to move you.

We find ourselves aboard the Queen Mary, here at the end of the war (1946). Bo Mcswain is endearing from the get go, and we readers are just like all those war brides he mentions, lured in with the promise of this novel, if not actual chocolate bars and nylon hose.”

The Gambler’s Brother is set during a specific, and relatively little-known period of time, (and little known event) following the war. The storyline is very fresh. Fans of WWII-era fiction will certainly enjoy.”

Badurday- March 30, 2013- Nicholas Hoult

I’m planning to hit the movie theatre this afternoon to see Jack and the Giant Slayer. This film looks like a lot of fun and I’m sure in the mood for some fun! The young man who stars in it first came to our attention in a Hugh Grant movie called About a Boy. He was the boy of the title. He’s all grown up now and quite a compelling actor. I saw him in Warm Bodies and he did a bang up job. I’m sure he’s going to be fantastic in this film, too. He fits in as a bad boy since the Jack in this film appears to be bad and tough and ready to slay some giants to rescue a fair maiden among others. His name? Nicholas Hoult. Watch for him. I predict he’s going to be a big star. This flick should be a great, mindless escape.

Badurday – February 16, 2013- The A-Team

Decided to go back to an old favorite since I watched it with my son last night. This movie is just a fun romp all the way around. I sure wish they’d make another one. It doesn’t hurt that there’s all kinds of handsome guys running around on screen either. From the good guys to the bad guys, there seems to be no end to the hotness. Enjoy the trailer and check it out if you haven’t seen it. If you have, watch it again. It’s a kick.

Badurday – February 9, 2013- “Warm Bodies”

This new movie based on a book seems to be taking the world by storm and I’ve been trying to make it to the theater to see it since it came out. I was going on Thursday with one of my sons but the second one said he wanted to go as well and he had class so we’re going to try to go today. I really felt old when I learned that the star of the movie was the little boy in the movie with Toni Collette and Hugh Grant About a Boy. Can you believe that cute kid, Nicholas Hoult, grew up to be so handsome even as a zombie? I love it. Here’s<a href="“> a link to the trailer in case you’re wondering what the heck I’m yammering on about.

Badurday- September 22, 2012- Mark Strong

Mark Strong is one of my favorite bad boys of film. He’s deliciously wicked in all he’s called upon to do in his roles. I adore him. I wrote this lil ole book called Surfer Bride several years ago with him as the inspiration for one of the characters. That book happens to be on sale for half off through my publisher’s site until September 29, 2012. BUY LINK

This film above that I chose the trailer for today is called RocknRolla and even though it’s quite violent, it has wit and charm about it. Mark is a bad guy in a five-thousand dollar suit (the best dressed kind)- if you haven’t seen it, rent a copy or better yet, buy it for your collection. It’s a fun flick.

Badurday August 25, 2012- Alexander Skarsgard

Today is Alexander Skarsgard’s birthday and my friend, Darlene, is talking about him on her blog. Go check it out. Here
She’s obsessed and it shows!

Badurday- June 30, 2012- Continuing with the Retro Bad Boys- Howard Duff

A lot of you may remember Howard Duff from the 1980s night time soaps, but before he was in these shows, he was a film actor for many years. Tall, handsome and appealing to the ladies, he eventually married a lovely film actress, Ida Lupino. He and Ida were in several films together. I’ve watched two of them in the last week or so. One was Woman in Hiding and he plays the dashing hero in this one. The other was While the City Sleeps in which he plays a detective investigating murders of women. Both films are great and I recommend them. Howard Duff played some good guys and some bad guys in his career and I for one, enjoy him. I hope you enjoy this gallery of pictures of him. They don’t do him justice. He’s much more handsome on screen.

Badurday- April 28, 2012 – New Cover and Richard Gere

I have a new story coming out in June, 2012 with Secret Cravings Publishing. The story is called The Season of the Witch. The heroine is a seer who’s crystal ball is murky and she’s having issues with using it. The hero, Chordata Shan, called Cord, is a member of the International Shifter Police. He’s a snow leopard shifter and therefore has grey/white hair. Here’s my new cover as well as pictures of Richard Gere who is the inspiration for Cord, who is a bad-a** cop! AND a shout out to our own Sayde Grace who served as a critique partner for me on this story. Thanks, Sayde.

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Badurday- January 21, 2012- The Original Bad Boys Movie

This was a fun movie when it came out and I just watched it (sort of- it was on while I was writing) on Friday, the 20th. It stars Martin Lawrence who I totally see as a bad boy. Will Smith, the other star, I see more as the guy next door. He did a good job in this film, but I liked Martin Lawrence better. Just like in Men in Black, Will was good, but Tommy Lee Jones was awesome. Martin Lawrence, I can see kicking butt and taking no prisoners. Will Smith, not so much. He always seems to play himself. At least to me, he does. Here’s the original movie trailer:

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