Badurday- October 13, 2012- Tyrone Power

Sexy, sexy, Tyrone Power is absolutely wonderful in this movie called Son of Fury. He’s the son of a man who died and his uncle steals his estate from him. The movie is about his struggle to regain his birthright including a trip to Polynesia to make his fortune. I watched this a week or so ago for the first time and quite enjoyed it. He fills out the breeches quite nicely.

Badurday- September 29, 2012- Bradley Cooper

Today I bring you a movie trailer for a movie I want to see called The Words. As a writer, it is something that I think could happen to any one of us (although I’ve never written anything close to what I’d call a best-seller even though I’ve been on my publisher’s best seller list). Bradley Cooper plays a bad boy in this one. He passes off someone else’s story as his own. Bad, bad, bad. And yeah, he looks hot while he’s doing it. So even if you hate him in the role, you can still enjoy the view, right?

Badurday- September 15, 2012

Happy birthday this week to two of our best bad boys. One celebrant was Colin Firth and the other was Hugh Grant. I’ve got two movie trailers here for these guys for films you may not have seen. The Colin one was from the 1990s and he was a complete addict in this one- a football (soccer) addict, that is. He certainly wouldn’t win any awards for boyfriend of the year in it.

The Hugh one is from the 1990s as well and it’s kind of a disturbing film overall but I love it. He’s an absolute ass in it but that’s what we love about him, right? This movie also has the best all-time Captain Hook scene in any movie inside the play within the movie.

So, happy birthday wishes to two of our past bad boys. Join me in a toast to their continued film careers so they can keep us entertained. Cheers!

Badurday- August 18, 2012- Cary Grant in “Notorious”

I absolutely adore Cary Grant and today’s bad boy tribute is to him in the film Notorious. The reason I chose this movie first of all is that it’s one of my favorites of his but secondly, this story takes place right after World War II. I have a release in October, 2012 called The Gambler’s Brother. It takes place right after World War II as well. I got a sneak peek at the cover this week and it’s awesome. The O in the title word Brother is a swastika and it looks really cool. I can’t reveal yet, but I will soon. Very soon, I hope. This cover reminded me a bit of one of my favorite movies, so I thought I’d at least share that today.

Enjoy this tribute to the stars of Notorious. This was posted by elinskaja on Youtube in 2010.

Badurday- November 19, 2011- The Sexiest Man Alive Edition

Dandwh, a friend and frequent commenter here, suggested our man of the day to me. He was a really bad boy in He’s Not That Into You and was a bad a** in The A-Team. It seems he’s been voted the Sexiest Man Alive for this year.  There was some discussion with my friend about why they have to put the word Alive in there- after all, who wants to win Sexiest Corpse, right? Anyway, after that fun chat, I decided I’d conform and call him the Sexiest Man Alive like I’m supposed to.  So, without further ado, I give you Bradley Cooper.  Watch the video at the end because, after all, is there anything sexier than a man speaking a foreign language? Especially one of the romance languages?  You’ll have to make the effot to click the link because WordPress is hating on me and won’t upload the video. It’s worth the trouble, I promise.

Badurday- October 1, 2011- Kerr Smith

I watched, well sort of watched, Cruel Intentions 3, well it was on the television for noise while I wrote. So, anyway, that’s where I found our bad boy of the week. He plays a deliciously evil brat in this film.  Quite a sexy role, too. He has also played a cop on the old tv series Charmed. There’s nothing quite like a cop with a shoulder holster and a cotton button down shirt.  Seems to empathize the shoulder assets to best advantage, right? 

When I’d glance up at the screen during the Cruel Intentions movie, I kept thinking he looked familiar. Yep. Seen him before. In Charmed and he was  also in a vampire film called The Forsaken.  He qualifies for the bad boy of the week. Enjoy.

Badurday- August 27, 2011- Damien Lewis

Today’s bad boy is British. Shock shock, right? I can’t help it, I’ve had a thing for Brits since I was in middle school. It’s incurable and I don’t care.  Anyway, today’s guy is Damien Lewis. He came to my attention in a little movie made in 2007 called The Baker. It came on television here and was called Assassin in Love.  The main character is a hit man and hides out in a small village in Wales.  He becomes a baker. The villagers try to get him involved in lots of zany activites, including murder.  The movie itself was a bit silly but the man character, Milo “the baker” Shakespeare was a delight. He’s our bad boy of the day, Damien Lewis.










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