Wetsday – By Popular Demand

One of the really nifty features on a WordPress blog is that the administrators can spy on you, the unsuspecting reader. Oh, we can’t figure out your social security number, or steal your identity, or any fun stuff like that, but we can figure out little clues about you from our statistics page.

The stats tell us how many of you visited us in a day, week, or month, and where you came from – as in twitter, facebook, or so forth, or what you googled to find us. It’s kind of fun to try to figure out what some of you were looking for based on your search terms.

But there is one overwhelming conclusion I’ve been able to draw from our Southern Sizzle Stats: there are a whole bunch of you out there pining over Julian McMahon! Consistently, week after week, the gorgeous Aussie’s name is the most common search term that brings readers to our happy shores.

And who am I to argue with you? There is plenty there to be pined over. He’s not just uber-hawt, he is supposed to be brilliant – he went to law school before turning to acting, and unlike myself, was bright enough to NOT become a lawyer. He’s all kinds of rich and well-connected, too. Were you aware that his father, Sir Billy McMahon, was the former Prime Minister of Australia? So we’re talking a hot Aussie-British actor, from a posh family, with muscles (and an Adonis Belt!) to die for. And not only that, by all accounts he’s a really great dad! If I were not totally committed to my relationship with Colin Firth, I might have to make a play for Mr. McMahon!

Anyway, like any good Aussie, our boy loves the sand and the surf, so there are plenty of lovely wet pix of him. Here’s a sample – enjoy!!!!






Badurday Jan 30, 2010

I love to watch the show House.   Mainly because of Hugh Laurie and that yummy Australian dude (of course, I’m not real enamoured of the Aussie’s new haircut- I like him more scruffy).  

Omar Epps is our bad boy this week.  He is an excellent actor and has done quite well with making me hate his character, the arrogant Dr.  Foreman.   He is so over the top with his ego.  He is more full of himself than House. 

A good looking man, he is – and he is a good example of a bad boy in this show-  as far as the character goes, he’d be ok to have around to look at but he’d not be allowed to talk.   So, Dr. Foreman, we shall look at you but not speak to you.

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