Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History: Sir Issac Newton

Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History is Sir Issac Newton. He is usually pictured as an older man in a long white wig getting conked on the head with an apple—you know, the gravity thing. Our Newtie, however sober in his later years, was no saint in his youth. Thanks to the Fitzwilliam Project which is part of  The Newton Project (an effort to assemble everything Newtonian and post it on the internet.) we know exactly, in his own words just how naughty Newtie was.  In 1662, he recorded his misdeeds of his 19th year for posterity.  A list of all his sins is much too long to include here but peruse the edited list below. 

When you’ve read your fill and giggled at his misdeeds, check out the post about the Sizzlers at Champagne’s Blog . You get the story of how we met and started the Southern Sizzle Romance Blog. You’ll also gets some bio on Arabella (Wet Wednesdays) that she did NOT approve and a look at her Georgian romance Proof of Love that just made a bestseller list. Here’s the link:

Newton’s Sins
Putting a pin in Iohn Keys hat on Thy day to pick him.
Threatning my father and mother Smith to burne them and the house over them
Wishing death and hoping it to some
Striking many
Having uncleane thoughts words and actions and dreamese.
Setting my heart on money learning pleasure more than Thee
A relapse
A relapse
Punching my sister
Robbing my mothers box of plums and sugar
Calling Derothy  Rose a jade
Falling out with the servants
Caring for worldly things more than God
Beating Arthur Storer.
Striving to cheat with a brass halfe crowne
Glutony (listed numerous times)

Next Moonday, a Gorgeous Duo and another Sizzler    Rita Bay

The Once a Month Curse

Ok, so we’re not going go talk about monthly female issues. No way. And I totally did that title for attention. But I do get a special treat once a month that I don’t think I’ve ever advertised enough. You see I’m a member of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Romance Writers America. The first Saturday of every month I get the oppurtunity to sit down with some of my favorite people, the Sizzlers and many more fabulous authors. This past Saturday the talented Kelly Stone did a presentation and it was wonderful. If you haven’t read any of Kelly’s nonfiction work you really should. As a writer I find her techniques and insight very helpful.

This month I got to sit by Paula and am excited for her. The woman has amazing ideas that I’m sure will become even more amazing books. At the end of each table sat two other Sizzlers, one Ms. Arabella Stokes who for some unknown reason believes she’s in charge. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that she’s our president but still! 🙂 And on the other table was Ms. Jillian Chantal. It’s always so funny to be at the same table with her, especially at opposite ends because what happens is that we  start the table with one mind set and end it with the identical one! I swear sometimes it’s just scary!!

Along the middle of the pack was the ever happy, Jamie Farrell. This lady just cracks me up all the time just by smiling. She’s always giggling which (shockingly) makes me laugh. Plus she brings her five month old baby who is gorgeous!

This weekend I left, heading to my favorite “after meeting” place to eat. As I’m ordering I see the three women coming in the door with the same idea. Yay! We got to spend even more time together which was fabulous. Jamie showed us this really cool website that rates your books’ best selling capacity just by typing in it’s title. I can’t remember the name of the website but it had us all laughing over the results. And I got the chance to run an idea for a new cowboy book by my friends. I’m excited to work on it now. For some reason I keep writing paranormals but my cowboys just flow so much easier!

Every first Saturday of every month the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA meets. For more information please head over to our website or email any of us Sizzlers. We’re all members.

And for my ladies here you go. I’m so glad you’re my friends. Rita and Runere, I hope to see you next month!!


And Now For Something Different – Wetsday Writing Sample

Yes, I know. You all come here every Wednesday, expecting me to pander to your lowest instincts by posting a photo of a deliciously moist Wetsday gentleman. Well, kids, I am tired of it. I am not merely a purveyor of hot, damp man candy. I am, by God, an artist. A writer. A novelist.

Respect me!!!!

Sorry, got carried away there. Ain’t nothing wrong with wet mancandy. So, it that is your pleasure, stick around to the end of this post, and you will get your just reward.

But I am very excited about my new WIP, which is in first draft stage, undergoing its first round of edits right now. And so, exercising the privilege of being an author of this blog, I am gonna subject you, dear reader, to a sample of my MS.

I think of it as a Southern-fried Bridget Jones. My heroine, Cassie Grace, is a preacher’s daughter from a typical small Southern town, but she dreams of a Regency hero in breeches and boots, who will sweep her away from her job as a paralegal and introduce her to the social whirl of the Haute Ton. In this scene, Cassie has recently met wealthy British businessman James Holwood, who is in town looking for a site where he and his partners can build a factory. Cassie’s boss has instructed her to stay close to James and make sure he has whatever he needs (wink wink nudge!)
So here they are, inspecting a possible site for the new factory:

After lunch, folks excused themselves to go freshen up, have a cigarette outside, and so forth, and we had a bit of a break from the sales pitch. James looked at a door a few feet away and asked, “Where does that lead?”

I didn’t know, but I figured Rosie would want me to find out for him, so I said, “No idea. Let’s see.” I opened the door and found a long, well-lit corridor with more doors off on each side. James followed me in, and we walked several yards. He opened a couple of doors, peered in, and said, “More office space. Or perhaps storage.”

I opened the next door and went in. James followed. “A nice office for a line supervisor, or someone like that.” I tried to sound like a chamber of commerce cheerleader.

The door was on a spring, so it had shut behind us. As James came up right behind me, I realized that for the first time all day, we were completely alone. No Rosie, no realtors. Just me and the British Greek God.

I turned around and he was much closer than I’d thought. Far too close, in fact. Was he –?

Oh, yes, he was. His hands came up to frame my face, and before I had a moment to think, his mouth was on mine. That soft, sweet kiss demanded nothing, but promised everything. Oh, he knew what he was doing! I felt his tongue press gently on my lips, and I opened up to him, slid my hands around his waist and gave in to what I’d wanted to do since the minute I saw him. It was incredible how right it felt to be there. I couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but kiss him and be kissed by him, and let everything in the world fall away.

Far too soon, he lifted his head and spoke. “Good God. I’ve thought of nothing but that for four days now.”

Okay, my darlings. Since you have stuck it out this far with me, I will give you the man candy you came for.
Hmm, a bit of Norse Mythology, a la Wetsday????

Here’s Chris Hemworth, aka the Mighty Thor!







And if you’d like a little – more – of Mr Hemsworth, check out my blog at It’s not as family-friendly as The Sizzle Blog!!!

A Time of Thanks

Hello everyone! So I can’t believe I forgot today was Tuesday! I’m going to set an alarm. But I had a rant I was going to share with you all about my brother but today I opted out of ranting. I’m writing on a book which I loved the first time I wrote it but no one else did. Now I love it even more and I can’t help but wonder if that means editors and agents will hate it twice as much this time or if it’ll pass. I’m not going to worry about it. Sometimes I get a little blue over projects that don’t go as well as I think they should but then I remember I’ve got two novella’s published and my editor is still wanting more. Then I sold a book which I thought I’d never sell. And then my editor emailed me and informed me that my latest novella is making it above the 50 mark in best sellers on two ebook sellers. It’s ranked 3 for books sold by The Wild Rose Press. I’m thrilled, and extremely thankful to all those who have helped me.

Another thing I’m thankful for, which I don’t say it enough, is my friends here on the blog. Liz was the first of the sizzlers that I met and I will always remember her intriguing me with her book. Then I spoke to Rita and Paula. Paula is probably the most patient person I know and you all have no idea how thankful I am about that as I’ve had her synopsis for nearly two months! Time issues coupled with computer meltdowns have slowed me down so much! Rita brought to the bunch order and a schedule! I love it. Then come in my lawyers. These ladies cracked me up from the get go with their love of men like Collin Firth and Alan Rickman. I’m so proud to say these ladies have had a great year too. And last but soooo not least I have to be especially thankful for Runere Mclain. This lady emails me out of the blue to encourage me or tell me how proud of me she is and I gotta say those emails make my day!

So I’m beyond thrilled today to thank all these ladies for being my friend. What is the theme song for the Golden Girls? Maybe that should play or better yet we can be Designing women. I want the tiara and the gun like Susan!

Ok so we need one more. Who wants to play Anthony?

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