Badurday- March 16, 2013- Michael Collins

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m planning to watch one of my all time favorite Irish movies, Michael Collins. That man was truly what I would call one of my bad boys. He was strong, full of conviction and even though he was hated by the British, he did what he needed to do to stand up for what he believed even to the point of dying for those beliefs. This movie somewhat romanticizes what happened in the fight for Irish independence but it’s a good film. I love the way the cast relates to each other and the scenery and cinematography are superb. It doesn’t hurt that Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn and Liam Neeson are easy on the eyes, too. Enjoy the day, drink a toast to your favorite Irishman and watch a flick.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Bad Boy- February 23, 2013- Badurday

This week was the birthday of Alan Rickman. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I adore him. He’s versatile and plays all his roles with a singular goal of doing the best work that he can do. He’s utterly charming in his interviews and I admire the way he endeavors never to give a spoiler for any of his films in these interviews. Here’s a poem to celebrate. Here’s to many more birthdays for this man and many more years of work and entertainment for us, the masses.

Badurday- December 15, 2012- Blog Hop

The Secret Cravings authors are doing a favorite things blog hop this weekend and giving away some super books and other stuff. I’m giving away five of my favorite things. Come by my personal blog here and comment for a chance to win. You can also click the link to the other blogs in the hop. And of course, my favorite bad boy, Alan Rickman plays a part- how could he not?

Here’s my post from over there:

Here goes: Five things that find favor with me:

1. Lindt chocolates. The extra creamy one is my absolute favorite. Although my normal go-to chocolate is dark, this extra creamy stuff is a treat.

2. Scarves. I love to wear scarves. I wear them year round because they can dress up a plain outfit quite nicely. They add a touch of color in the summer and a touch of warmth in the winter. They are multi-purpose and fun.

3. Tea. I drink tea all day long. My favorite for hot tea is Earl Grey but I will drink most any of it. I’m not as big a fan of green tea since it seems too puny to me. I like a robust, black tea. As to cold tea, I like mine straight. No sugar, no lemon, no anything to muddy the waters, so to speak.

4. Of course, anyone who has read this blog knows I can’t have a list of favorites without including my favorite actor of all time, Alan Rickman. My kids call him my alphabet man because he could be on the television or movie screen and recite the alphabet and I’d watch. Sadly, they’re right.

5. My book called Surf Break-. I love my town – it’s one of my favorite things and this story is based here where I live and pays homage to my favorite eating joint on the beach, Surf Burger.

The giveaway? Some chocolate, a scarf, some tea, an Alan Rickman movie and a e-copy of Surf Break. Leave me your comments and then hop on over to some of the other blogs. 14674_2541024421320_759478737_a

Badurday- September 15, 2012

Happy birthday this week to two of our best bad boys. One celebrant was Colin Firth and the other was Hugh Grant. I’ve got two movie trailers here for these guys for films you may not have seen. The Colin one was from the 1990s and he was a complete addict in this one- a football (soccer) addict, that is. He certainly wouldn’t win any awards for boyfriend of the year in it.

The Hugh one is from the 1990s as well and it’s kind of a disturbing film overall but I love it. He’s an absolute ass in it but that’s what we love about him, right? This movie also has the best all-time Captain Hook scene in any movie inside the play within the movie.

So, happy birthday wishes to two of our past bad boys. Join me in a toast to their continued film careers so they can keep us entertained. Cheers!

Badurday- February 25, 2012- Birthday Boy

This past week, February 21, to be exact, was the birthday of the baddest bad boy (in my humble opinion).

Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History: Celebration Day!

I’d like to officially announce the impending publication of His Obsession, a Georgian Regency historical novel, by Siren BookStrand in March, 2012. Thank you to all my Sizzling Sisters at Southern Sizzle Romance for giving me the hard push I needed to submit my completed manuscripts to publishers.

To celebrate the upcoming publication of His Obsession, Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History salutes the gentlemen of Miss Jane Austen’s movie adaptations. Miss Austen’s books were made into movies in 1995-1996. Pride & Prejudice (1995) featured the gorgeous Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Emma (1996) starred Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightly and Ewan McGregor as Frank Churchill. Hugh Grant played Edward Ferrars and Alan Rickman was Colonel Christopher Brandon in Sense and Sensibility.

  BTW, my Writer’s Vineyard ( post today features an exclusive interview with Miss Jane Austen. Miss Austen will discuss the craft and business of writing romance. BTW, you can check out the blurb and excerpt for His Obsession at or click the Montclair Chronicles Tab on this Menu, then select His Obsession.

Next Week, a salute to some paranormal characters whose series begins their new season next Monday.  RitaBay

Happy Wetsday, Dear Jillian . . .

Well, my darlings,the stars are in perfect alignment this week. Not just that the sun has entered Capricorn with the Winter Solstice, but we celebrate Jillan’s triumphant return from the Home Country (Christmas in London! Sigh…)

And on top of that, it is dear Jillian’s birthday as well! How cool is that?!? So there is nothing else for it — We need a little Rickman NOW!

Happy Birthday, to a fabulous writer, lawyer and friend — who is now just as old as I am!!!!

(And in keeping with our watery theme, let me point out that Col. Brandon carrying Marianne home in the rain is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen!)

A Cheater’s Badurday! November 12, 2011

I mean me, I’m cheating on this Badurday, for you see, I’m in New York City seeing my favorite actor on planet Earth and I’m cheating because I’m typing this before I have to get up at like 3:30 am to get on the plane and I’m merely sharing some pictures I have already on my computer.

The play I’m seeing is called Seminar and Alan plays a teacher leading a seminar of aspiring writers.  Jerry O’Connell is also making his Broadway debut in this show.

If I have a heart attack/stroke/some other malady when Alan comes on stage, just know I went out happy. 

Badurday- September 24, 2011- Montage of Thirteen

I’m still brain dead from the work week and the writing sprints I’ve been doing each night (added 12,000 + words to the WIP this week), so I decided to just do a montage of some of the pictures I use for inspiration for the heroes in my books who all have an element of badness that needs a heroine to tame.  Here’s lucky number 13- 13 photos, that is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hot Steaming Wetsday!

Good Morning, my darlings! Hope we are all having a good day so far. Of course, here on the Emerald Coast, the temperature at 8 am is in the upper eighties (heading for a high in the triple digits), the humidity is about 90%, and my makeup is melting into a puddle on my neck. Situation normal for July.

Since the operative word today is HOT, I wanted to pick a guest who could live up to that standard. And since the big news around my house this week was the final Harry Potter movie, I decided to combine those concepts and post one of the Southern Sizzle’s all time favorite men.

We fell in love with him as a bad guy — didn’t you really think Hans was a lot sexier than John McClane in DIE HARD? And who can forget the lusciously evil Sheriff in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES? “You. My room. 10:30 tonight. You. 10:45… And bring a friend.” Poor Kevin Costner got lost in the glow of our guest’s brilliance.

But he’s not just a bad boy. His Colonel Brandon was a highlight of Ang Lee’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY — I’d go wander off in a rain storm if I thought he’d show up to carry me home!

But the crowning achievement of his career IMHO, was as the good/bad/who knows guy in Harry Potter. He was so deliciously evil as Professor Snape, but you always had the feeling that he wasn’t really on Voldemort’s side. Very complex character. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen the movie yet (Although why haven’t you?!?!?!?) but he takes the character through an incredible character arc in DEATHLY HALLOWS 2. Even if you aren’t a HP fan (Although why aren’t you?!?!?!?) you need to see it just to see how real acting should be done.

As y’all know, Jillian Chantal has long had a tendre for our guest, and so, in honor of Jillian, Harry Potter, and the hot, hot weather, here’s the one, the only, man with the chocolate voice: ALAN RICKMAN!!!







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