Badurday – March 5, 2011- Liam Neeson

As the person I chatted to on Friday said to me as I tried to decide who to use for Badurday, our boy of the day is not bad– he’s a bad-ass!!  LOL!  He’s an awesome actor. I don’t believe I’ve seen any movie he’s in that I haven’t loved his performance.  One of my favorite roles of his was the fun Hannibal of the recent flick, The ATeam. It was a romp and a rollicking good time.  I also loved him in Michael Collins. I love that historical era and the fight for Irish liberation is a fascinating era in the history of that country. I wrote a book that comes out in July that has a couple of totally fictional scenes with Michael Collins in them.  Liam did an excellent job as the hero of the Irish fight for freedom.  He was even a wonderful Jedi warrior.  A couple of weekends ago, I saw his  newest movie, Unknown, and yep, I have to agree with Dandwh who I talked to today, he’s one bad-ass actor!!  And as you can see by these pictures, he has a strong thigh (definitely a plus in my book) and he’s ruggedly handsome. Adore him. And I added a cute video from you-tube, too.

Wetsday Birthday Boy

Good Morning All! Today’s guest is one of my all time favorites, and given that Monday was his birthday and he has a big summer blockbuster, I figured he deserved a turn in the Wetsday spotlight.

He’s got one of the yummiest accents you’ll find, given that he is from Northern Ireland. Probably why they picked him to play Aslan the Lion in some of the best kid’s movies ever, The Chronicles of Narnia Series.

He doesn’t always roll the Emerald Isle way, though. He is actually playing Lyndon B. Johnson in the upcoming Selma. Having lived through the LBJ administration, I am fascinated at the idea of this elegant gentleman behaving in the manner Lyndon did – picking dogs up by the ears?!?!? (And I realized that I just really dated myself!)

If you are a long-time fan of historical romances, I’m sure you remember Barbara Taylor Bradford’s A Woman of Substance. Our guest was the wonderful Blackie O’Neill in the tv miniseries way back in 1984. (Please note that he also lived through the ’60’s — I love a hero that ages well!) Sci-fi fans know him as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. And having admitted to being old enough to remember the first iteration of The A-Team, I will say it was not a remake that I feel the world needed. But he will be some very attractive eye-candy in it!

Seriously, this guy just has way too many great movies to list ’em all — Excalibur, Rob Roy, Schindler’s List, Gangs of New York. But I have to mention how sweet and lovable he was in my favorite grown-up’s Christmas movie of all time Love Actually, where he was right up there with my beloved Colin and Alan Rickman in the hawtness quotient.

So please give a big birthday welcome to this week’s Wetsday guest, Liam Neeson!!!!

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