A Moment to Remember

Hello everyone! I’ve been quite for a while now but not for any other reason besides me being lazy. I have a winner for my ornament, Dianne!!

So today as we all are heading here and there to finish our Christmas shopping I want to take a moment to let you all know of something I just donated to. I don’t usually encourage people to donate to any charities that they don’t normally donate to. However this holiday season I’m stepping out on that. We’ve all heard about the Sandy Hook tragedy and we all have broken hearts over it. While I believe that no matter what law is passed or upheld a crazy person is going to do crazy evil things, I don’t want to get into that discussion.
What I’d like to share is the news that the rotary club there in Newton is raising money for funeral, short term and long term counseling for students, staff and responders as well as starting scholarships in honor of the victims. To do this they need help. While I had planned to donate to St. Judes and still will I also took a portion of my last royalty check and donated to the rotary club to help them.
I encourage you all to take a moment and think of all the things we are blessed with each day and how devastating it would be to lose it all. With help the community, school, students and others will recover over time. I support this effort and hope you all will find something you feel passionately about this Christmas season and support it also.

Thank you and yall have a Merry Christmas

Early Christmas

So who wants early Christmas present? If you do all you have to do is answer 1 of the following questions and put the answer is the comment box for entry to enter to win 1 a Cowboy Christmas. It’s been awhile since I’ve held a contest so when I saw all the cowboy Christmas I ornaments I was inspired.

Today in order to enter time win you have to answer a question from one of my books. Besides my Built Cowgirl Tough series I have two paranormal books published. In one my hero is the unlikely heir to a werewolf pack. What is the name if that book and character?

Have fun searching and here is a picture of the ornament up for grabs today.


Thanks all and have a great day,

Treasure of the British Museum: A Lovers’ Brooch

This Lovers’ brooch is Medieval 13th century AD from England. This gold ring brooch is set alternately with cabochon rubies and sapphires. The pin is set with a sapphire. The spaces between the gems are decorated with punched crosses and letters in Lombardic script. The reverse of the brooch carries an inscription (in abbreviated French) for the benefit of the wearer, ‘io sui ici en liu dami amo‘ (‘I am here in place of a friend love’), indicating that the brooch is likely to have been an expensive love token. Items of jewellery with sentimental inscriptions were often exchanged between wealthy lovers in the medieval period.

The outside of the hoop was often decorated to enhance the message or to form part of the message itself. Coloured enamels could be used, or chased motifs, like the sixteen stars on this example. The inscriptions were usually enamelled in black, which makes them easier to read, although very few survive with all their enamel. The language and the style of the inscription helps us to date them.

Next Week, another treasure.   Rita Bay

Treasure of the British Museum: A Gold Posy Ring

Gold ‘posy’ ring   England, 18th century AD   The term ‘posy’, based on the French ‘poésy’, describes the amatory verse or rhyming motto with which the rings are engraved. Here the inscription reads: ‘Many are thee starrs I see yet in my eye no starr like thee’.

The practice of giving gold hoop rings engraved with mottoes at betrothals or weddings was common in England from the sixteenth century onwards, and continued until the late eighteenth century. ‘Posy’ rings could, however, be given on many other occasions as tokens of friendship or loyalty, and ‘posies’ are also found on religious and memorial rings. The inscription is generally found on the interior of the ring, hidden to everyone except the wearer. Most of the sentimental mottoes were taken from popular literature of the time, such as ‘chapbooks’ (pamphlets), or from collections on the language of courtship. A few customers would supply their own composition for the goldsmith to engrave.

Next week, The Final Treasure     Rita Bay

A Salute to Our Veterans

Thank you for your service.    Rita Bay

Treasures of the British Museum: Statue of a Knight

While I’m doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month requiring 50,000 words in a month,), I’m posting treasures of the British Museum every Monday.     This month’s treasure is a Statue of a Medieval Knight  from about AD 1350–1450 from England.  This small statue is an accurate representation of a knight in full armour from the Medieval period. The cross seen on the shield has led to suggestions that it is a depiction of St George. At the very least, the figure is of a man-at-arms, as only the nobility or knightly classes could afford armour of this quality in the period the statue was made. The figure holds a weapon in his hands, either a lance or bow, and also carries a sword from a belt around his waist, the hilt of which can be seen below the shield. The shield is also suspended by a strap over the knight’s right shoulder, leaving both arms free for battle. He is wearing plate armour defences on his body, including a belted cuirass made up of a breastplate and backplate and full arm and leg defences. During this period steel was the preferred material for armour manufacture. The poleyn, or knee defence, which allowed the leg to bend but remain protected, is visible on his right knee. The arm defences can be identified by the articulated lames, or small, overlapping plates, on each shoulder, and the knight also wears gauntlets with articulated fingers.

For added protection a haubergeon, a mail shirt which comes to the upper-thigh, was worn beneath the plate armour as seen here. The helmet worn by the knight, a bacinet, did not give any protection to the neck and shoulders, so a mail aventail was attached to a lining band in the helmet to protect these vulnerable areas. Later the bacinet was succeeded by the great bacinet, superior because it incorporated longer plates which replaced the mail aventail and protected the neck. Around the bacinet the knight wears a bejewelled coronet, supporting the suggestion that this may be a figure of St George.     © Trustees of the British Museum

Next week, A Special Salute    Rita Bay

The Dentists!!!

Wow, that title sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? Well in my mind going to the dentist is a horror movie! I dread the dentist like crazy. Tomorrow morning I’m embarking on an adventure to the dentist. You see I have a tooth that I cracked and the filling came out. Well, it never hurt and still doesn’t but it needs to be dealt with as its broken really bad. So I called my dentist who I’ve seen like two times in ten years and made the appointments to go get my teeth checked out. Turns out not only is that tooth in need of removal but all of my sinus headaches and soreness may be cause by a molar whose roots have grown into my sinus canal. Yay!! Another tooth that I’m going to have to have removed. But guess what? My dentist can’t do it. Nope, I need an oral surgeon to remove it.

Okay, that sucks right? Yep, I agree. And at this point my blood pressure is sky high and I’m seeing dots. Also my stomach is trying to crawl out of my body. I am past ready to bolt. However, I get the courage to make an appointment with my dentist and have the surgeon remove it. So they call in some sedation medicine for me to take prior to my appointment in the morning and all my pain meds. I’m set right? WRONG!!!
Nope, of course not. My horror story is not done yet. I get a call at 5pm from my dentist. The girl on the phone informs me that as my dentist and the surgeon are reviewing all of my xrays that find a tooth that I had worked on in MIDDLE SCHOOL that is infected. WHAT??? How does this happen? I have zero pain, heat, inflammation or signs at all that the tooth is infected. Yet, it is and so severely that they believe the infection may be in the bone!!
**Passes out, wakes up, vomits, and passes out again!!**
Oh my. How on earth has this happened? They don’t know but they do know it HAS to be removed. There is no getting better. So now I am beyond upset and terrified. At this point I am tempted to pull every tooth in my head and have implants inserted. I am panicked. So while you all are working, resting, eating or whatever I will be in between passing out and vomiting over being terrified tomorrow. Please say a prayer for me and hopefully I will be here next Tuesday to post about cowboys and an interesting job I found out about!
Thanks all
Sayde Grace

Oh and goodluck, stay safe, and have lots of fun for all my friends going to the M & M Conference in Atlanta, Ga. I’d much rather be with you all!!

Technology Help!

Hello everyone! Todays post is going to be different. You see I need help. My phone is an Android3 and at first I loved it. Now I hate it. I had to send one back because the thing kept shutting off and reloading. Now the one I am using has a glitch in the keyboard. Im so done with my phone! I’ve had my eye on the Galazy 3 but now with the iphone 5 coming. Out im torn.



In Memoriam: A Lovely Gentleman

I want to pause a moment and be serious here. (yes, occasionally Ro’mama can calm down and be sincere.) This week saw the passing of a truly lovely gentleman, and God knows, we have far too few of those. Let’s please take a moment to remember Michael Clarke Duncan, a gentle giant and a hell of a fine actor.
Michael, we loved you. Rest in peace, dear heart.


LABOR DAY, 2012 Celebrating the American Worker


“Rosie the Riveter”

Rita Bay

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