Badurday – March 2, 2013- Cassandra Carr’s Character Jason

CC_SeeTheLightJason is the protagonist in my friend Cassandra Carr’s latest release called See the Light. He’s a 22 year old hockey player who made the Olympic team. This is a male/male romance and I had a chance to interview Jason and get the skinny on his attraction to Patrick. Join me as I chat with this handsome guy.

Jillian: Welcome to the Southen Sizzle blog, Jason. What’s your sign? What characteristics of that sign are key to your personality?

Jason: My sign is Taurus. I’ve heard that’s the bull one, and I believe it. After all, would I be where I am today if I wasn’t a stubborn little SOB? There have been so many obstacles to me becoming an NHLer and Olympian, not the least of which is the secret I keep from everyone.

Jillian: OOh. I’m intrigued to learn about your secret. This is the bad boy day here on this blog. So, I have to ask: What’s the wickedest thing you’ve ever done?

Jason: Hmmm. I’m going to sound so boring, but Patrick bought me these, well, you can’t really call them underwear. He bought me this thing, and I wore it to dinner, knowing it would make Patrick lose his mind.

Jillian: Ooh, even more intriguing. When did you first realize you fancied Patrick?

Jason: Oh wow. Probably the minute I figured out for sure he was gay. I wanted him before that, and it only got worse when it looked like the attraction might be mutual. But what gay man wouldn’t want him? I mean, look at him *shows a picture of Patrick*. He’s hot.

Jillian: Share some facet of Patrick’s history that we won’t read in the book but that contributed to his personality now.

Jason: Patrick has lived with the whole closeted-gay thing way longer than I have, obviously, and though he’s a very loving man, he’s understandably a little wary about the people around him. He’s always been afraid if he didn’t settle down with a woman people would begin to suspect his sexuality. He hated denying that side of himself all these years, but knew it was necessary.

Jillian: What’s your pregame routine? Do you have any superstitions like wearing the same socks or not retaping your stick?

Jason: No, I’m not too bad. I put on my equipment the same way, but I think that’s more routine or habit than superstition, and I don’t freak out if something disrupts that routine. I’ve got enough to worry about without fearing skating over a line on the ice or doing a little twirl as soon as I get out there.

Jillian: Tell us about your journey to the Olympics. How long have you been training and playing? Any injuries that sidelined you for a while?

Jason: I’ve been playing on a team since I was five, so seventeen years. The serious training didn’t start until I was about thirteen or fourteen, though. Some scouts happened to see a game I was in and told my parents they should try to develop my talent. They did what they could, but ultimately it came down to how hard *I* wanted to work. My parents couldn’t do this for me.

I’ve never had a serious injury *knocks on the wood table in front of him*, but it’s only a matter of time. I’ve had the same stuff everybody gets -a bruise from blocking a shot, a pulled groin, that sort of thing. I’ve been lucky.

Jillian: What’s your favorite thing about Patrick?

Jason: *groans* I can only name one? *smiles softly* The way he makes me feel safe.

Jillian: Thanks for being here today. I hope the readers will love your story. Good luck at the olympics.

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