The Dentists!!!

Wow, that title sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? Well in my mind going to the dentist is a horror movie! I dread the dentist like crazy. Tomorrow morning I’m embarking on an adventure to the dentist. You see I have a tooth that I cracked and the filling came out. Well, it never hurt and still doesn’t but it needs to be dealt with as its broken really bad. So I called my dentist who I’ve seen like two times in ten years and made the appointments to go get my teeth checked out. Turns out not only is that tooth in need of removal but all of my sinus headaches and soreness may be cause by a molar whose roots have grown into my sinus canal. Yay!! Another tooth that I’m going to have to have removed. But guess what? My dentist can’t do it. Nope, I need an oral surgeon to remove it.

Okay, that sucks right? Yep, I agree. And at this point my blood pressure is sky high and I’m seeing dots. Also my stomach is trying to crawl out of my body. I am past ready to bolt. However, I get the courage to make an appointment with my dentist and have the surgeon remove it. So they call in some sedation medicine for me to take prior to my appointment in the morning and all my pain meds. I’m set right? WRONG!!!
Nope, of course not. My horror story is not done yet. I get a call at 5pm from my dentist. The girl on the phone informs me that as my dentist and the surgeon are reviewing all of my xrays that find a tooth that I had worked on in MIDDLE SCHOOL that is infected. WHAT??? How does this happen? I have zero pain, heat, inflammation or signs at all that the tooth is infected. Yet, it is and so severely that they believe the infection may be in the bone!!
**Passes out, wakes up, vomits, and passes out again!!**
Oh my. How on earth has this happened? They don’t know but they do know it HAS to be removed. There is no getting better. So now I am beyond upset and terrified. At this point I am tempted to pull every tooth in my head and have implants inserted. I am panicked. So while you all are working, resting, eating or whatever I will be in between passing out and vomiting over being terrified tomorrow. Please say a prayer for me and hopefully I will be here next Tuesday to post about cowboys and an interesting job I found out about!
Thanks all
Sayde Grace

Oh and goodluck, stay safe, and have lots of fun for all my friends going to the M & M Conference in Atlanta, Ga. I’d much rather be with you all!!

3 Responses

  1. Ohhh, I feel for you, Sayde. I hope all goes smoothly for you.

  2. late as usual, but I’m glad you made it through and are all right. I also have a dental phobia. It’s going to be my punishment in hell- sitting in a dental chair! LOL!

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