Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History: Henry Ford

Henry Ford (1863 – 1947) was an American industrialist who founded the Ford Motor Company developed and manufactured automobiles that could be bought by middle class America.  He became one of the richest people in the world. He didn’t believe in accountants, however, and never had his company audited

Ford pioneered the development of mass production through the assembly line. Ford was a proponent of high wages for works and pioneered the 5-day work week. He was no friend to unions.  As he aged, after experiencing several strokes, he passed the management of the Ford company to his only child Edsel. When Edsel died unexpectedly of cancer, Ford returned as the president of the company but he was unable to continue managing the company due to deteriorating mental health and ceded management of the company to his grandson Henry Ford II.

Next week, a Colonial Governor     Rita Bay

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  1. Love him – especially his saying that you could have a Model-T in any color you want as long as it’s black.

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