This week we celebrate Congress passing the Judiciary Act of 1789 which established the Supreme Court of United States. President George Washington signed the bill into law and nominated John Jay as the Chief Justice. The whole process-passing the bill, signing the bill into law, and the nomination and approval of the justices—took two days.

This Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History is John Jay (1745 -1829).  From a wealthy New York family with Huguenot and Dutch roots, Jay was a conservative lawyer who supported a strong centralized federal government. Jay with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote the Federalist Papers that helped frame the Constitution. He was an ardent supporter of the anti-slavery movement.

Jay was an American patriot, Founding Father, legislator, and diplomat. He served as a member and President of the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War, ambassador to Spain and France, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Governor of New York.

Rita Bay


Today’s the last day of my  ‘Name that Character Contest’ for my contemporary fantasy short story Nimue’s Daughter. It’s a rescue from Armageddon based on the Arthurian mythology. It’s also a work in progress for Shared Whispers, the freebie anthology from Champagne authors that will be published and available for free download in January. Please visit and help me name my character. For more info click on the image below:


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