Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History: Leeuwenhoek

On September 17, 1683, Antony van Leeuwenhoek wrote to the Royal Society about his observations of the plaque between his teeth, the first observations on living bacteria ever recorded. He also recorded his observations on two ladies and on two old men who had never cleaned their teeth in their lives. In the mouth of one of the old men, Leeuwenhoek found “an unbelievably great company of living animalcules, a-swimming more nimbly than any I had ever seen up to this time. The biggest sort. . . bent their body into curves in going forwards. . . Moreover, the other animalcules were in such enormous numbers, that all the water. . . seemed to be alive.”  Makes you want to stop reading and go brush and floss. Yuck!

Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) was a Dutch scientist and tradesman and the father of microbiology. Leeuwenhoek was unusual for his time. He was basically uneducated and spoke only Dutch. His father was a basket-maker and his mother from a family of brewers. He was a draper by trade where he used primitive simple microscopes in his work as a draper with fabrics. Leeuwenhoek made some of the most important discoveries in the history of biology. Using microscopes that he himself handcrafted which could magnify up to 200x, he was the first to observe and describe bacteria, free-living and parasitic microscopic protists, sperm cells, blood cells, microscopic nematodes and more. These discoveries contributed significantly to the progress of modern medicine.

Scientifically yours, Rita Bay

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  1. YIKES! your first paragraph grossed me out. What a thing for him to write in a letter. He must have been such scintillating company at dinner. NOT!

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