Badurday- September 8, 2012- Clive Owen- Well, Sort Of.

I’ve had a busy week. I had a short story released by Sweet Cravings Publishing called Surf Break. It’s set on my hometown beach and it’s a quick, fun little read and even Ernest Hemingway makes an appearance. Hehehe. Arabella once told me that I write like a man and I got all offended until she said the man was Hemingway. Since she writes all flowery like Faulkner, I could see how she might think my more straightforward prose would be like our buddy Ernest. I couldn’t resist adding a flavor of the man to this lil ole story. Buy link

I didn’t bring you here to talk about Hemingway though, so forgive my little tangent. My other new release this week is a much longer story. It’s called Hot Pursuit and it’s from Ellora’s Cave. It spans the globe- from New York, to Rio and then to several places in Europe. It’s quite an international chase. I started this story in late 2009 with the initial premise coming from a conversation with Rita Bay and it’s gone through many incarnations since then and is nothing like Rita envisioned when we had that talk.

I now believe it’s one of the best stories I’ve written. The inspiration for the hero was our previous badurday boy, Clive Owen. He’s absolutely perfect as the hero, an Interpol agent. If you’ve seen the film, The International (which came out after my first draft of this story) or Derailed, this story calls for the same type of action from the hero.

My friend, Darlene Henderson, even wants me to send a copy to Clive’s agent. The hero and heroine are both over thirty so I think he could pull off the role easily but I’m not so stalkerish as to really send to his agent. Thanks to Darlene, though, I do know who he is. LOL!

Buy Link

Here’s the book trailer and cover. And oh, yeah, a little bit of Clive (who also played Hemingway in a film- see how it all works together?).

7 Responses

  1. Have you ever thought of writing a screenplay? Maybe you could, and THEN send it to his agent?

  2. Best trailer ever! Just started Hot Pursuit! Looks like I have an adventure in store for me…

  3. Are you still carrying a torch for this Clive guy?
    I like him as an actor. I saw both those films and they were both very good. He was in a BBC TV series where he was a partly blind detective — that was my first exposure to Clive.
    Good luck on your new releases.

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