Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History: Olympic Kalos

In ancient Greece, the ideal man was tan, young, tall, and athletic. The pentathletes who competed in the discus and javelin throws were the most highly regarded. The boxers, wrestlers, and pancratiasts (a form of martial arts combining wrestling and boxing) were considered to be too heavy and muscular for true beauty. 

To exhibit their beauty in the gymnasium and at the Olympic games, they trained and competed nude. Their particular form of beauty was called “kalos.” Many paintings on Greek vases contain “kalos inscriptions” praising the beauty of the athlete depicted. Judge for yourself which form you prefer: the Discobolus (2nd century AD Roman copy of a lost Greek bronze) or the Pancratiasts (3rd century BC Greek). (Note: spellings are iffy based on multiple sources)

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