Badurday- June 23, 2012- Louis Jourdan

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Today’s Bad Boy is a retro bad boy. Louis Jourdan, a sexy, handsome, French actor. This week I watched a movie called Made in Paris from 1966. It has all kinds of yumminess in the way of handsome young men. Chad Everett, Richard Crenna, and, of course, our man of the day. Ann-Margaret is the heroine is she is absolutely stunning in the film.

Louis is still around at age 91 and I think that’s super. In fact, his birthday was this week on June 19. He had a long career and he always played such rich roles. He was in The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, Octopussy, Three Coins in a Fountain, Swamp Thing (one of my favorite horror films) and The Man in the Iron Mask. He also guested many times on various television shows.

He is a very versatile actor – from horror films, to romantic films, to period films, as well as television, he was always perfect in the role assigned to him. Enjoy!


10 Responses

  1. Good choice. (I plan to watch the move, too!)

  2. Love Three Coins in a Fountain, think I remember him best from Octopussy though. Good choice.

  3. Can’t believe you didn’t mention GiGi!

  4. Louis Jourdan is a longtime favorite of mine – Gigi has been near and dear to my heart ever since I was a little kid – but Letter from an Unknown Woman is definitely Louis’ best film. He gives an excellent, nuanced performance.

  5. I believe he was in The Happy Time with Charles Boyer(another one of my favorites). I happened to catch Dracula on tv once. So erotic.


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