Badurday – June 2, 2012- Max Beesley

Another British actor that I adore is Max Beesley. One of the favorite shows I’ve seen him in is a series called Hotel Babylon. He’s the manager of a hotel in London and has lots of strange guests who cause various issues, including affairs, deaths and other craziness. His staff also is interesting and he’s a great boss as he cares about the workers down to the maids and bell men. It’s a naughty show and he’s super in it.

This week, I watched a movie with him in it called Kill Me Later. He really is a bad boy in it and I loved it. He’s a bank robber. To me, it’s the ultimate compliment to a writer when a reader/watcher (in the context of film) wants to pull for the bad boy in the film. I kept telling myself that he was a bank robber and I wasn’t supposed to be rooting for him, but I was. I wanted him to succeed. This is such a cute movie.

The heroine is suicidal and is on the roof of the bank building planning to jump. The police are called because someone reports a jumper. They pull up in front of the bank which happens to be being robbed at the time. The robbers panic and one runs up to the roof. He grabs the girl as a hostage and says he’ll kill her if the police shoot at him. She tells him to go ahead as he interrupted her suicide. Eventually, she agrees to be his hostage and get him safely away from the bank if he’ll agree to kill her later. Selma Blair plays the heroine and it’s a neat take on a romantic comedy. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you rent it if you can. Anyway, here’s Max.

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4 Responses

  1. Just what I needed to jumpstart my Saturday!

  2. Just realized, I looked at this tweeted it even and didn’t comment. He’s very cute. Thanks for sharing him.

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