Young Adult

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! So I posted on another blog yesterday about the Scholastic book fair we are having at our school. I love this one because its the buy one get one free sale. So far I’ve spent about thirty dollars and have picked out two more books today. See what I am doing is buying young adult books to read and then I donate them back to my school library. We have K-8 here and I feel we are lacking in popular young adult books.

Yesterday I picked up City of Bones and Cleopatras Moon. Today I am thinking of getting Once Dead Twice Shy. But the biggest thing I am seeing in young adult is post apocalyptic novels and ghosts/zombies. I have only found two vampire books but tons of apocalyptic books.

Where do you see the young adult market going next or what do you like to read in young adult novels?

Have a great Tuesday,


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  1. I’m liking all klnds of YA. Not the apocalyptic ones as I don’t like those at all even in movies or adult books. But I’m digging some ghosts and that stuff.

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