Future Artist or Jail Time??

Okay so sometimes real life is just too crazy to put into words. My youngest child is a boy, and I mean ALL boy. He does everything, good and bad. Im shocked he hasn’t broken any bones yet. He’s four and with that age he gets into everything anyway. Over his short lifetime he has done numerous things to make myself and my husband. I have a ton of white hair now and attribute them all to Blake.

So yesterday I decided to practice baseball with my daughter who is seven. She does excellent in practice but loses her nerve in the game. I got the black spray paint out proceeded to spray a home plate and batters box. It looked good and I was happy. Then things went downhill. Of course I was wrong about everything. Also about halfway through our argument I look down to see the spray paint missing. GREAT!

Look around and whew, wipes forehead, Blake was only spraying the dirt to make him a homeplate. At least that’s what I thought until my husband came in screaming and red faced wanting me to come see what MY son had done now.

Ok, so it was like eight o’clock and I could have cared less. The longer I took to get outside the faster my hubs spun around getting madder and madder đŸ™‚

Finally, I go out side. He simply points. What you ask does he point at?? Oh my Tahoe!


Yep, that’s right the four year old vandalized my rim! Just add it to the list of insane things that kid has done. And when asked he said, “I didn’t do that, Bailey did!” So he’s either going to be a great artist or spend lots of time in jail. Only time will tell!

Have a great day folks and a laugh on me.


2 Responses

  1. Hopefully that’s it as far as spray cans and your son go. At least it wasn’t the body. Kids sure can get into the darndest things.

  2. Sorry about the ‘Ho rim, Sayde! Know I’m laughing with you and not at you. (Been through things like this with my crew. So I’m all sympathy!) Trust me all of you will have a huge laugh over this in the future.

    Be glad he’s adventurous and not timid. But, uh, if he’s already this adventurous, what else is going to catch his attention?!? lol Better brace yourself, Cowgirl!

    Hug the kids for me!

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