Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History: The Beauty of Torcs

Before introducing you to the beauty of torcs, I want to commend Sizzler Jillian Chantal for her outstanding work in chairing the Silken Sands Writers Conference that was held this weekend on beautiful Pensacola Beach, FL. Loads of fun and food with old and new friends and an awesome lineup of editors and agents. Awesome scenery, too – beautiful beaches and handsome hunks on Spring Break. Then there was the St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl through 17 pubs on Santa Rosa Island. Anyway, on to torcs.

It’s so exciting to watch my first book (a historical romance), HIS OBSESSION,  journey towards publication with Siren BookStrand next month. Part of the process allows the author to complete a Cover Art Questionnaire that gives the artist ideas for the cover. I recently completed the cover art for HIS DESIRE, the second book in the Monclair Chronicles which will be released in May. While searching for a pic of a torc, one of those gorgeous necklaces/bracelets worn by the ancient Celts and Anglo-Saxons, I discovered an old friend and a new hottie – both wearing torcs and little else –  which I had to share. SO,  meet my 2,000+-year-old Celtic Dying Gaul (his long hair was  reshaped due to damage) which is in the Capitoline Museum in Rome and a modern – Greek, I believe – hunk modeling torc jewelry.

Until next week, when my countdown to publication begins with pirates and other outrageous characters,  Rita Bay


2 Responses

  1. I do hope if you are covering outrageous pirates, you include at least one likeness of Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the hottest pirate I know.

    Can’t wait.


  2. You know, of course, that he’s a paranormal pirate but I think we can manage it. Rita

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