The 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest Finalists – Young Adult

This week the Sizzlers at Southern Sizzle Romance are pleased to host the finalists of the 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest. Visiting today are the Young Adult finalists – Maree Anderson and Cat Kalen. Read their short excerpts, click on the book covers to read more, then hit that Buy Button.    




They walked in silence for a few minutes, with Tyler shooting her surreptitious glances beneath his lashes. “I hear Shawn’s still bugging you,” he finally said.

Jay didn’t have to remind herself that a grimace would be appropriate in this instance. It was her body’s automatic response to mention of Shawn. “I asked him very politely to leave me alone, but I suspect he thinks I’m playing hard to get. His lack of intelligence is extremely vexing.” Even to her own ears she sounded petulant.

He barked a laugh. “You’re something else, you know that?”

She clamped her mouth shut against the immediate agreement that hovered on her lips. She was indeed “something else”. But she was training herself to decipher the subtext of what was said before she responded, rather than taking people’s comments so literally.

“You really don’t like him much, do you?” He seemed to be having some difficulty with the concept that any girl could dislike Shawn.

Jay couldn’t decipher what it was about Shawn that made him so attractive to the opposite sex. So far as appearances went, he was merely one of a number of physically attractive young males she had encountered. His features were symmetrical enough to be pleasing, but his lack of morals and his inflated idea of his own importance and desirability repelled her. She foundTyler’s lean physique, shaggy hair, chocolate-brown eyes, and slightly crooked smile, far more aesthetically pleasing. He wasn’t perfect, and it was his imperfections that captivated her.

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PRIDE’S RUN by Cat Kalen 

Seventeen year old Pride is a tracker—a werewolf with a hunger for blood. Taught to trick and to lure, she is the perfect killing machine.

Kept leashed in the cellar by a master who is as ruthless as he is powerful, Pride dreams of freedom, of living a normal life, but escape from the compound is near impossible and disobedience comes with a price.

When she learns her master intends to breed her she knows she has to run.

But Pride soon learns that if she is to survive in the wild, she must trust in the boy who promises her freedom, the same boy she was sent to hunt.

With life and death hanging in the balance the two find themselves on the run from the Paranormal Task Force—officers who shoot first and ask questions later—as well as her master’s handlers.

Can Pride flee the man who has held her captive since birth and find sanctuary in the arms of a boy who has captured her heart? Or will her master find her first?

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Tomorrow, the Short Story Finalists  RB

5 Responses

  1. Good luck, ladies! Hope to meet you at Silken Sands!

  2. Congratulations, Maree, Cat, and Shana! So excited for you. LOVE your excerpts. 🙂

  3. I feel like such a smartie-pants — I have both these books on my Kindle already. 🙂

    Good luck, Maree & Cat!

  4. Hi Sizzlers! Thanks sooo much for hosting us YA finalists on your blog — it’s really really sweet of you to go to all this trouble!

    I only wish I could be at your conference, but alas, the airfares from New Zealand are a bit prohibitive…. and darnitall, that Lotto ticket I bought didn’t come in 😦 But I’ll be there in spirit and I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

    Congrats to Shana and Cat, my fellow finalists. Having read Cat’s book and an excerpt from Shana’s, I know I’m up against some real tough competition…. here’s hoping for a three-way tie *g*

    • We LOVED playing host to all our finalists, Maree. New Zealand is a long way from the Gulf Coast. Wishing you and all the finalists the best, Rita

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