2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest – Historical

This week the Sizzlers at Southern Sizzle Romance are pleased to host the finalists of the 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest. Visiting today are the Single Title Historical finalists – Elysa Hendricks, Michelle Beattie, and Rose Gordon. Read their short excerpts, click on the book covers to read more, then hit that Buy Button.





“What’s your rank of choice?”

Juliet started, nearly spilling her cup of lemonade. “Pardon?”

Drake gestured to all the other men in the room. “Every rank from a duke down to a second son who became a vicar is available for your choosing. Any rank strike your fancy?”

“I believe you’re incorrect,” she said, looking over all the men in the room. “I see one second son-vicar, one baron―” she turned to him―“one viscount, two earls, and one duke. But alas, no marquis.”

His brown eyes lit with mischief. “I’d say that I stand corrected, but I do not. There is a marquis on the premises. If you’d like to dance with him, I’ll see if a servant can fetch him from the nursery.”

He was right of course, the duke and duchess’ oldest son, who carried the courtesy title of marquis, was sleeping up in the nursery. “How about we call this a tie?”

“Fair enough,” he agreed. “So who will it be, Juliet? Whose wife do I need to go charm?”


One of his long, blunt-tipped fingers reached up and pushed a loose tendril of her hair behind her right ear. “Who do you want to dance with?”

“This viscount,” she whispered, her face growing warm.

His hand engulfed hers and he led her to the middle of the floor. “I was hoping you’d choose him. I think I should like to dance with his wife.”

Visit Rose at www.rosegordon.net

THIS HEART FOR HIRE by Elysa Hendricks



“Esteban, what do you find?” Rico called.

Esteban appeared briefly in the doorway. He ducked as a shoe sailed past his head. “A she-cat!” He laughed then dove back into the room.

Shrieks, curses, and crashes echoed throughout the cantina until Esteban reappeared. The young woman he held in front of him fought like a mountain cat. Her hair whipped about, tangling in her face. Frantically, she twisted and turned, seeking her freedom, until exhausted she went limp in Esteban’s grip, her bare feet dangling above the floor.

A white nightgown draped her figure from neck to ankle, but the thin cotton did little to hide her curves. A thick mane of honey colored hair framed a perfect oval of creamy skin. Her blue eyes, wide with fear, anger and shock, stared at the men below.

Jake’s stomach knotted. The innocence reflected in her eyes hit him like a punch below the belt.

Now he understood the greenhorn’s action. She was worth dying for.

He calculated his odds of getting himself and the girl out of the cantina alive. Not good.

Slowly, Rico circled the girl. She turned with him, never letting him get behind her. He reached out to touch her hair, glowing like strands of spun gold in the lamp light. She batted his hand away.

The scene reminded Jake of the time he’d seen a kitten thrown to a pack of half-wild dogs. The tiny cat spat and clawed, but it hadn’t stood a chance.

He hadn’t been able to save the kitten.

Visit Elysa at http://www.elysahendricks.com

ANOTHER CHANCE by Michelle Beattie



“They’re not going to get here in time.”

Wade Parker ran a frustrated hand under his Stetson.  What was taking so long? he wondered.  He’d sent for the veterinarian almost an hour ago.  Once he’d realized he’d had no other choice.

“They’ll be here soon, son.  But the way the rain’s coming down, it’ll slow down old Doc and Scott.”  James rested a calloused hand on Wade’s shoulder.  “Go check on the cow again, and I’ll have a look outside.”

Wade had been taught from a very young age that no matter how bad things ever got, there was always something to be thankful for.  And right now, he was thankful for two things.  One, for James.  Not only had James been foreman of the Triple P for as long as Wade could remember, he was also a friend.  A friend who, at times like these, was the rock Wade needed.

The other thing Wade was damn glad for was that Doc Fletcher’s replacement hadn’t arrived yet from Pennsylvania.  Not that Wade hadn’t helped chose his replacement and not that he wasn’t satisfied with the new doc’s qualifications, but the lives of his animals were at stake.  He needed a familiar face tonight.  One that he trusted.  One that would get him through this latest crisis.

Visit Michelle at http://michellebeattie.com

Tomorrow, the Single Title Paranormal Finalists  RB



9 Responses

  1. I love historicals, and these definitely have me intrigued!!

    Congratulations, Rose, Elysa, and Michelle!

  2. Thank you, Jamie. I hope you give them all a try! 😉

  3. Congrats! All 3 look great 🙂

  4. Thank you, Heather, and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jamie and Heather, thank you both very much.

    And congratulations to Michelle and Elysa. I enjoyed both of your stories immensely and consider it quite an honor to have my book named a finalist alongside both of you talented ladies.

  6. It’s an honor to be a finalist in this contest. I’ve been reading the blurbs and excerpts and my TBR pile just keep growing. Thanks!

  7. Loving seeing all the finalists here on Southern Sizzle! Thanks to you ladies for entering. Best of luck to each of you!

  8. Congratulations for finalling ladies. I love historicals. Looks like my TBB pile is going to get higher!

  9. Elysa and Rose, congratulations to you both and good luck on March 17th!

    Runere, thank you very much for your kind words and for stopping in.

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