A Do-It-Yourself Wetsday


Ain’t it always the way? You get things in order and chugging along smoothly in one or two areas of your life, and something else falls apart. And with the multitude of roles I try to fill, well, my poor personality isn’t just split, it’s as fractured as Medusa’s hand mirror. If I’ve got the day job in hand, the writing falls apart. If my family is happy, a friend has a crisis. You know how it goes.

I’m pleased to report that day job is going well, I’m getting some writing done, I’ve got the DH & DD’s under control, and I’m even sticking to my diet!!! So naturally, my poor muse, Bridget, is nearing her breaking point. The poor dear just looked at me this morning and said, “Blogging? Really?”. You know, that nasty sarcastic “really” – think David Spade on Saturday Noght Live.

So I’m here to confess – I am totally without inspiration this Wersday. Zip. Nada. I got nuthin. (I trace this problem to Monday night, when Bridget and I got so busy writing that we missed the weekly #mancandymonday festival on Twitter. What a great source for — research. Yeah, that’s it. Research.)

So help poor Bridget out. Send us some inspiration! Please post a comment giving me the names of your favorite attractive male celebrities. (Yes, I am catering to my own orientation here. Deal with it.) For each one I can find on Google images,* you will get an entry to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card, suitable for buying one of the Sizzlers’ current or future ebooks! Such an opportunity!

So send me those fellas’ names! (and addresses if you have them!)

*Note: if I can’t find your guy in Google Images, he ain’t that big a celebrity. So, no, your boyfriend doesn’t count, no matter how cute he is. You already got a prize when you found him.)

2 Responses

  1. Cliff Simon (I did the work for you ;-))

  2. Mark Harmon, Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney. That;s all I can think of right now!

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