Hello everyone! Lots of things to talk about today in a short peroid of time. My husbands grandfather passed away and we are on the way to the graveside. Its an hour drive so I’m not being to horrible by posting right now. Today let’s start our talk with the topic “professionlism”.

Over the weekend a friend of mine searched her name of twitter.   Well she stumbled upon another author bashing her book on twitter. My friend did not respond. No she showed great restraint and class. But then the author asked “where was the editor for this book at?” Along with other editorial comments. My friend very simply retweeted her comment and attached her editor to it. That was it. There was nothing more said,,,,,by my friend. However the other author felt it necessary to keep complaining about getting directed to the editor she had just bashed and even had the nerve to say my friend had been an author behaving badly. Folks, this makes my blood boil. Never post a question in any form on a social mediaa site if you don’t want it answered. And please don’t be an ass when it is answered. If you are an author and you review books please remember you reap what you sow. Always be a professional and be respectful of others.

Secondly, Rawhide Angel released Friday!! Yayyyy!!


Allright folks, the hurst just hit the ditch to avoid hitting a dog someone else had hit. I’m now really pissed off that someone hit a dog and left it. Hopefully he is okay, thankfully his owners were there.



4 Responses

  1. Your friend obviously learned the lesson “don’t lower yourself to their level”.
    So sorry about your grandfather-in-law.

  2. Sorry about your grandpa in law! I hope the funeral went well.

    Great blog – I totally agree. 🙂

  3. So sorry about the grandfather-in-law, Sayde. Comfort and blessings to the family.

    And like you, I’ll never understand a person putting negative things –so unnecessarily– out into the twitterverse, or any social media for that matter. But it happens, and the best thing to do is prepare yourself for them. At least preparation makes them a little easier to ignore. (And yes, the perpetrators ALWAYS cry foul when they’re called out on something. lol)

    Congrats on the release of RAWHIDE ANGEL! Woo-hooo! Kick ’em, Cowgirl!

  4. Sorry for your loss. Hugs.

    I agree with you about reaping what you sow. And to use another adage, that person who tweeted that should listen to her grandma and if she can’t say something nice, to say nothing at all.

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