Badurday- January 21, 2012- The Original Bad Boys Movie

This was a fun movie when it came out and I just watched it (sort of- it was on while I was writing) on Friday, the 20th. It stars Martin Lawrence who I totally see as a bad boy. Will Smith, the other star, I see more as the guy next door. He did a good job in this film, but I liked Martin Lawrence better. Just like in Men in Black, Will was good, but Tommy Lee Jones was awesome. Martin Lawrence, I can see kicking butt and taking no prisoners. Will Smith, not so much. He always seems to play himself. At least to me, he does. Here’s the original movie trailer:

4 Responses

  1. You’re so right. Will Smith is a good actor and I like him. But he seems to hold something back. Unlike Martin Lawrence who is all out there–110%. TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE. Great example of showing how different characters complement each other and add depth to a story. THANKS!

  2. Love this movie. Sandy is totally right Will and Martin make a great team. Love a movie full of action and some laughs too. Great pick.

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