Wish you were here…Blue Lake, St. Bathans New Zealand and a computer without a Trojan

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What a fantasy world

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This is going to be short today because I am so flustered with a computer that won’t let me travel the internet to do the research and find the pictures needed to do justice to this beautiful place. Once again this place was one of the random daily photos on my phone and I just LOVE the color blue, I couldn’t help but try to check it out.
The Blue Lake at St Bathans used to be a 120m high hill. It’s origins came from the miners looking for gold, who manually created a 60m crater which later filled up with water creating what is now know as the Blue Lake. The clay cliffs surrounding the land have eroded over the years to make up this surreal landscape. It is named for the distinctive color of the water caused by the left over minerals in the water.
I wish everyone a great rest of the weekend.
Hopefully on another day I will revisit this magical place that almost looks otherworldly.

photo by Jason Law

2 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful and unusual place, I’m sure it will be worth waiting for you to do it the way you envisioned.

    Thanks for sharing this much, Lizbeth; I’m intrigued already!

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