Not Everything is a Team Effort, or Is It?

Hello everyone. Wow, I must admit that going into Monday night I wasn’t sure who would walk off with the BCS National Championship. I really thought Alabama had a chance but that LSU would be after blood, big time. What did I learn? Team effort is the key to success. A few weeks back I read an article(yes, I read the sports page first and then the cartoons) on Nick Saban. The author had taken offense to the fan base in Alabama saying that Saban was a genius and nearly worshiping him. The author went on to talk about how someone like Nick Saban hadn’t gotten to where he is just by being himself. He’d had help. I admit I kinda got irritated with the author here, yet I kept reading. I mean, Saban is a good coach no matter what but I wanted to see what the author had to say.

Turns out the author just felt that Saban’s staff and their staff and the people who coached him through the years weren’t getting recognized the way they should. The article’s author pointed out how someone in Saban’s position had a staff behind him that was just as well-organized and coached as the football team they helped. So, compare that to a Best Selling author. Most authors have mentors and peers who have helped them in some way. I myself am no Best Selling Author, yet. However I have a fantastic support system with authors, editors, and friends as well as readers.

Where did I acquire such fantastic support people? In writers associations. I have spent a great deal of my time with the RWA and my local RWA group. In those associations I found people who help me in ways I can’t even describe, from critiquing my work to just a friendly email to see how I’m doing. I met many of these people at conferences and one especially, the Silken Sands Conference.

March is fastly approaching us and it’s time to register for the 2012 Silken Sands Conference. Please take a moment to head over to the site and read over the fantastic line up. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a conference but are scared, Silken Sands is a very easy-going, informative and eye-opening conference.


Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and remember success is often a team effort, don’t count your team out.

Sayde Grace


5 Responses

  1. Really great post, Sayde! Ever since I joined RWA, I’ve been struck by how helpful and giving everyone is. I’ve met all kinds of people who have shared their expertise and wisdom with me and encouraged me all along the way.

    And yep, I met a bunch of these wonderful people at Silken Sands. It’s a wonderful place for writers to recharge their batteres!

  2. Well said, Sayde Grace! (Football wise and conference wise!)

    My first ever writers conference was Moonlight and Magnolias in Atlanta — and it was good, really good, but when I attended Silken Sands . . . something just clicked! I honestly believe it was the openness of the chapter members, the willingness to share information, the approachability of all involved.

    Silken Sands is for everyone; the new writer just sticking their toe in the water, as well as the experienced writer on the serious search for an editor or agent — or home chapter (hint, hint). The beauty of conferences? Agents and editors of major houses come to you locally, offering an oppertunity to pitch your project one-on-one to them. (We can even help you with that pitch — there’s a workshop offered for that! lol)

    Off the bandbox now. I love the Silken Sands conference! Can’t you tell?

  3. My first conference was Moonlight and Magnolias, too. It was a great conference, but I was jealous of the camaraderie shared by the Chapter’s members. That’s what encouraged me to join GCCRWA. WHAT A GREAT GROUP. Not only do I feel welcome, but writers in every stage of the process have been helpful, kind, and ENCOURAGING. I can’t wait for Silken Sands!

  4. Awseome post- except for all that BAMA talk. LOL! You know how I feel about all that hype!! Seriously, we love you in the chapter and we’re glad you feel the same way about us. Silken Sands is a grand time and lots of info to share!!

  5. Great post. So very true about the value of support. This Silken Sands will be my fourth and I’m just as excited about it as my first. RB

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