Wish you were here…The Romantic Road in Bavaria Germany

Snow Covered Cabin
What could be more perfect for the romance writer to find some inspiration than traveling a road actually called the Romantic Road? I learned of this road when my “smart” phone put up a random picture of a pretty little snow covered cottage and a link to a site about the road.
 I would’ve never guessed a phone could really be smart enough to send a link about a romantic road to a person who desires to be a published romance writer. But sometimes life is stranger than fiction.
The Romantic Road and points of interests
The road was once a major trade route in the middle ages and still maintains that old world charm in a fairytale like setting. Surely any writer can find inspiration along the almost 400 km journey from Wϋrzburg to Fϋssen in the Allgãu.
Beautiful Lake “Alpsee”
Follow your heart along this road to ancient towns, towers, hidden monasteries, and medieval castles. Whether you choose to take a guided bus tour, drive, bike or hike, you are sure to find a picturesque setting for your hero somewhere along the route.
Old World Village
Perhaps even your rebellious heroine runs from her overbearing family to take her own journey on this road and unexpectedly finds romance along the way.
Castle Hotel Colmberg
For the paranormal writer, don’t miss the chance to spend the night in the 1,000 year old Castle Hotel Colmberg where there is sure to be at least one ghost wandering the halls searching for his or her departed loved one.
Romantic dinner at Colmberg Castle Hotel
One tip suggests you avoid the crowded summer season and plan a visit in the spring, fall or winter. Who could resist snuggling up in the little snow covered cabin in front of a roaring fire?
I hope you enjoy the trip down the aptly named Romantic Road and find your own vision of what makes something or someplace romantic.

Castle Neuschwanstein

11 Responses

  1. Despite an emergency trip to the vet and a virus ladened computer, I finally managed to get on the internet and find some scenes I hope inspires all of you.

    Have a good and word worthy week

  2. I wish I was on that romantic road! Love the castle at the end. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing with everything you have going on.

    • Sometimes you have to retreat to the computer to help you forget the real life going on around you.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Love, love LOVE the photos! Thanks for the imagery that was spectacular enough to temporarily take my mind off the fact that I’ve had to work nearly all weekend on a big project. My sister has been to some of these places, as has my father. The closest I’ve gotten is Frankenmuth, MI (or Little Bavaria) which is actually not a bad place to visit. It’s a beautiful little town. But I still dream of the day I get to take my own European tour!

    • Oh, you just made me a little bit homesick for Michigan and its treasure spots!

      But then I don’t think I could completely give up the sea life, tidal changes and sunsets here on the Gulf Coast either. But isn’t that what’s great about the USA? We have a bit of everywhere, right here at home!

  4. Although I’m a beachy kind of girl, I can definitely imagine snuggling up beside a blazing fire.
    Thanks for a beautiful post!

  5. This is wonderful, Lizbeth! And that phone is trying to tell you something; You and romance writing are meant to be!

    Thank you for this. Every picture triggers an emotional response, and makes the imagination go wild. And you’re right about one thing . . . Wish I was THERE!

  6. I’ve been down that romantic road. Too bad it was back packing with two other girls. LOL. My hubby and I love Germany though. Thanks for the pics. Ah…they bring back memories.

    • It would seem to me backpacking with two other girls would be the perfect way to travel the romantic road…how else are you supposed to find your romantic hero along the way?

      It’s nice to hear from someone lucky enough to have experienced the beauty in person. Thanks for the real life tale of your trip.

  7. LOVELY!! I’m in for the castle as well as the cabin, AHHH bliss!!!

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