A Renaissance Man Wetsday

It’s always a let-down, when you finally get back into the groove after the holidays, and you realize that you will, in fact, have to work and clean house and eat right and exercise more and all those awful things that come with being a responsible adult. Because my day job has the incredibly wonderful practice of closing up shop for two weeks at Christmas, I have been living life as it was meant to be for a while now – sleep til I’m hungry, eat til I’m sleepy, and maybe play with a new toy now and then. OMG! I think I’ve been a cat for the past fortnight! (Note to Jillian: feline shapeshifter idea???)

But now the grey days of winter are upon us. Even though I live here in God’s Country, the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida, I have had to bundle up and wear gloves the past couple of days. It actually froze at my house last night – got down in the 20’s! I know, for you folks who live above the Mason-Dixon line, that is no big whoop, but we don’t deal well with cold down here. I tried to put the cat out last night, and she looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears. No way she was going out when there was a perfectly good hearth to lie on.

So today, I looked around for a guest who would get is all warmed up, get the juices flowing, and so forth. And I have to say, this gentleman is a quality guest. He not only acts, he is also tres literary, having actually taught English at NYU. He;s pursuing a PhD in English at Yale, and he has just announced that he is publishing a novel. Hey, does anybody know if he wants to go to a writing conference? We’d love to have him at the 2012 Silken Sands in Pensacola Beach March 16-18!!! Heck, I’d love to have him anywhere, yaknowwhutImean?

And since he made such a lovely ad for one of my favorite colognes, I’ll forgive him that unfortunate episode of hosting the Oscars.

Ladies – here’s Mr. James Franco!!!

2 Responses

  1. Nicely done, Very nicely indeed. And yeah, I think two stories about cat shifters may be enough. I don’t know tho, a cat shifter with lobsters coming out of its ears is sounding like a fun idea. HMMMM.

  2. Intelligence AND a nice appearance! You struck gold with this one, Arabella!

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