Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History: Firemen

Hope you had a happy holiday season and will enjoy a prosperous new year. This Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History from Ireland is representative of all firemen who have protected lives and property. Firefighters were employed in ancient Egypt using primitive pumps and in Rome where the brigade would rush to the fire, wait while the brigade’s owner bargained with the property owner for his fee, then fight the fire when the price was right. No bargain, no fire fighting by the brigade, no house. Why fire and fireman today? Because this month’s theme at Rita Bay’s Blog at (featuring my NEW website/blog combo) is Discoveries & Inventions. Rita Bay

4 Responses

  1. Sitting here shaking my head in amazement. Never knew that about fire brigades in Rome. I imagine negotiations were swift and rather one-sided.

    Love Firemen, though. (And that’s a right pretty one in your pic!) I’ve long heard the saying ‘All firemen go straight to Heaven, because they willingly walked through Hell while on Earth’.

  2. NICE Fireman!! Love him.

    I knew about the Roman policy of extortion to fight fire. Crazy world even back then.

    • Historically, British property owners and only knows who else had a subscription service. No annual sunscription, no fire-fighting. Sometimes, rival companies would answer-hoping to pick up extra business and get into a fight while the building burned.
      The rural south Mobile County area pays $35 a year for volunteer service. It’s added into property taxes which is fine. In another state-Tenessee?, however, there have been two instances in the lastyear where the volunteer fire departments went to the scene of the fire, yet allowed the buildings to burn because the property owner had not paid for service. Thinking LAWSUIT? Rita Bay

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