Wetsday Horror Story

Ok, I violated the first rule of title-writing today. The title, while it is cute and contains a pop-culture reference, in no way tells the the reader what to expect. Cause while our guest today does appear in my favorite creepy-spooky tv show, there is noting horrible about the pix I have for y’all today.

I first took note of our gentleman of the day when he played opposite Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. Hmm, hmm! That was some mighty fine looking Louisiana lawyer, there – even if I did think his character was kind of a wuss.

He’s been on tv in The Practice and Dark Blue, and those Irish-Italian genes make him a perennial favorite. And hey, he is, shall we say, of a certain age, so I don’t have that slightly guilty cradle-robbing feeling I get from some actors (Taylor Lautner, I’m looking at you …)

Now on American Horror Story, our guest plays Ben Harmon, probably the world’s worst psychiatrist. I mean, seriously, shouldn’t one of your first goals in therapy be to figure out if your patient is already dead? And frankly, he’s a rotten husband and father, too. What kind of guy reacts to his faithful wife being raped by a ghost in a latex bodysuit (and the resulting demon-spawn pregnancy) by having her committed to an insane asylum?

But, while Dr.Harmon’s habit of wandering the house naked would really creep me out in real life (you’ve got a teenage daughter, dude!) it makes for some enjoyable television. In fact, you can play a heck of a drinking game by watching AHS and taking a swig of Pinot every time there’s a shot of Dr. Harmon’s buns. Just don’t try this when you need to drive somewhere – it is NOT drinking responsibly!

Well, my loves, enough of this. I’ll save the word count for the WIP and just give you a few photos of the delectable Dylan McDermott!









4 Responses

  1. I’ve always been a fan of his! Thanks for the lovely assortment of photos – especially the shirtless ones! ha!

  2. NICE!! I’ve always liked him, too. One question: If the ghost had on a latex suit, how’d she get pregnant? Isn’t that one giant condom?

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