Reindeer Games

Hello everyone! Its late TUESDAY again and I am posting from my phone yet again. So how do you like todays post title? I think it would make a great title for a book. I can just see it now, the reindeer trainer,  normal sized man/elf has fallen in love/lust with an elf. But she is the trainer of the second string reindeer and desperate to prove herself, which means of course she hates him!

Oh I love Christmas romances!!! So what holiday themed books do you like the most?

I had planned to posts a clip of Elf but wordpress wont let me!!



2 Responses

  1. Sounds like the makings of a wicked, wicked story- I think you need to write it for next year!!!

  2. All you need to make us happy is to announce a release date of it! LOL Sounds like something I’d like to read!

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