Badurday Special Guest – Lavada Dee


Badurday- Casting a Hero


When I talked to Jillian about blogging at Sourthern Sizzle Romance she explained the date fell on Saturday or Badurday and suggested I talk about the hero Gabe Lynch and who I would cast in his role if Priceless Love was made into a movie.

Wow, what fun.  Of course I’ve known what Gabe looked like since the first word of the story.  His looks, and even his voice. Now the trick is to paint a word picture for the reader.  And, this isn’t so easy.  I rarely read a book, then see the movie and agree with the casting.  Some say read the book first, others say see the movie.   So with that said, I’m going to take excerpts from the story and then show you a picture of who I would cast in his role. Casting is more than just physical appearance so hopefully the excerpts will give you a glimpse of Gabe’s personality. I’ll be interested to see if you agree with my choice, or in this case choices. 

To get started – Gabe Lynch is a small town guy, born and raised.  He owns a successful veterinary practice that specializes in large animal care.   He is a widower with a young daughter.  Busy he hasn’t been interested in a romantic relationship until now.  

 Okay, now for the excerpts.

 As usual Taylor pretty much shut out the world when she was reading a good story but when she heard the one guy laugh it radiated through her. And, now she couldn’t shut their low-pitched conversation out.

     “I’m telling you Pete, I’m not going there. Good grief, it would take less than a day for it to get all over town.”

     “So what do you care? You said you were looking to get married, get a mother for Mandy, get a life. I’d think it would be a plus if it were to get around town that you’re back on the market.”

     Taylor heard the man answer. Intrigued, she leaned forward. His voice was a rich deep base; feeling like a voyeur she glanced down at the e-reader, but still his words penetrated her concentration.

     “Alright, that does it. I won’t discuss this with you anymore. Cripes, you make it sound like I’m a piece of meat.”

     She could almost see the two men as first one then the other erupted in laughter. A second later the booth shifted as they slid out of their seats. Still laughing, they made their way to the cash register, and she got a good look at them. They were both tall, dressed in jeans and denim jackets, good looking. Caroline was right, this part of the world produced men that, until now, Taylor had only seen adorning ads.

* * * * *

His voice sounded deep in the quiet room. He ran a hand through his hair adding to the just-got-up look. With morning whiskers, bare feet and a T-shirt molded over abs that looked like they belonged on a model, he looked like something Taylor had only seen in the movies or maybe, if she were honest, in her dreams.

* * * * *

Leaning back he put his feet up on the coffee table and rested his cup on his lap. He looked like a man comfortable with himself; she’d never seen her father or any other guy like this. What about Frederick? Taylor frowned. She couldn’t picture Frederick in anything but a designer suit, complete with name brand shoes. And, he wouldn’t have a scent like Gabe’s. Like fresh air and . . . man.

* * * * *

 Gabe’s eyes crinkled with laugh lines.

* * * * *

      Silence filled the truck and Taylor breathed in Gabe’s scent. Unlike the smell of expensive cologne her father and Frederick used, Gabe’s scent was a clean, fresh air smell with a warm masculine under-laying aroma.

* * * * *

 Taylor was surprised at the tremor in her voice. “This probably isn’t a good idea. I mean what will your family think.”

     “Honey, I’m thirty five years old, if they think anything at all it will probably be to say it’s about time.” He squeezed her hand and brought it up to his mouth to press heated kisses across her palm.

* * * * *

 At the sight of Gabe with his sleeves pushed up, his mother went over, and smacked his upper arm. “No matter how old you are, you never dress for outdoors. Where is your coat?”

     Gabe’s laugh rang out and Eric’s and his father’s followed. “Come on Mom, there’s a lady watching.” His voice held a teasing tone.

 * * * * *

 Taylor could see him in her mind, sprawled out on the bed, maybe with his shirt off or open? His presence filled the room and she closed her eyes savoring it.

 * * * * *

 Night gave way to morning and Gabe came back from taking their bags down to the car. Taylor handed him one of the travel mugs she had filled with coffee. He smiled his thanks and took a drink. Long dark lashes hid his eyes, but she knew that they turned a darker gray when he looked at her and a jolt of excitement shot through her body.

  I have always been a fan of Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig reminds me of him.  Did you agree with my casting?  

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8 Responses

  1. Thanks for coming by Lavada. I’ve read both stories and loved them. I love your hero choices and totally see it having read the story.

  2. Hi, Jillian and Lavada! I’ve already read the story (of course) so I had a good impression of Gabe and Steve/Daniel work for me. I’d lean toward Daniel, but with Steve’s smile. 🙂

  3. Laurie. I think they look amazingly alike. Never thought of it til I saw their pictures side by side.

  4. I usually go for the tall dark bad boy look. But Gabe is a Steve/Daniel type guy.

    Just got home this time is so busy. Thanks for taking the time to stop in.

  5. Hello Lavada! Nice to have you. And anyone with the good taste to like Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig I already call a friend! Enjoyed the excerpts as well.

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