Science Fiction? Oh Yeah!

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about a genre that I love. I don’t usually express my love for science fiction romance but I really do love this genre. I’m such a geek. Really I am. However given the choice of reading about a vampire biting and sucking some girls blood or a space ship being launched into space with a budding romance on board I will pick the space ship.

So what makes a science fiction book a science fiction? For me it has to have a space ship. It has to have outter space involved, and well aliens. Or sometimes other species. I know there are a lot of great science fiction books out there that don’t have those three or four pieces, that’s fine. Yet for me I love the whole Star Trek thing.

Lately I’ve been bouncing around from one work in progress to another. It’s very distracting and very discouraging. However, I’ve added another WIP to my resume. Yes, I know, shoot me now. But I’ve added a science fiction book. It’s actually a fun little short story thats an erotic romance.  I have been having a great time creating a new species based from the human race. I’ve also had a blast coming up with ideas for inventions that would be cool on a space ship. In honor of my creations I’d love to hear what you would love to see invented. Nothing is outrageous enough in science fiction so bring it on, let me hear what you’ve got!


thanks all



3 Responses

  1. Hey Space Cowgirl! lol Glad to see you posting today.

    I like to read the space aspect; but don’t think I could write it. So my hat is off to everyone who can and does. Think I’m more atune to the scientific side of things; as in designer chemicals, freakish inventions, created species and grafted DNA. But liking your other stories, I can’t wait to read your SciFi! Know it will be fantastic. Be sure to keep us posted!

  2. Anything to make life easier-a car that drives itself to your destination after you type in the address(I would love this so I could read on the way to work). I would love to come home and the laundry is done-washed, dried, folded and put away. I would also love to go to a slot in the wall in the kitchen and order up dinner. I loved Star Trek, too. The original. Yes, it was sometimes campy and cheesy, but I still love it. I’d love to read your story. Can’t wait to see this.


  3. FUN!! Can’t wait to see it

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