Badurday- November 19, 2011- The Sexiest Man Alive Edition

Dandwh, a friend and frequent commenter here, suggested our man of the day to me. He was a really bad boy in He’s Not That Into You and was a bad a** in The A-Team. It seems he’s been voted the Sexiest Man Alive for this year.  There was some discussion with my friend about why they have to put the word Alive in there- after all, who wants to win Sexiest Corpse, right? Anyway, after that fun chat, I decided I’d conform and call him the Sexiest Man Alive like I’m supposed to.  So, without further ado, I give you Bradley Cooper.  Watch the video at the end because, after all, is there anything sexier than a man speaking a foreign language? Especially one of the romance languages?  You’ll have to make the effot to click the link because WordPress is hating on me and won’t upload the video. It’s worth the trouble, I promise.


8 Responses

  1. Now those are ABS! 🙂

  2. Bradley just doesn’t do it for me! Try Henry Cavill.


  3. He does it for me. I like the scruff. I love the blues and him speaking French ohhhhh my. Thanks for sharing him.

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