A Nice Guy Wetsday

Hello, chicadees! Hope we are all having a lovely day! Did I mention that my first novel is now available on Amazon and other fine ebook retailers? Okay, yes, I know. I did. Several thousand times, But dang, it is exciting, okay? I’ve had friends from high school, distant cousins and others I haven’t heard from in years contacting me on Facebook, twitter, and so forth to tell me they are reading it! OMG! Now my sweet Baptist cousins are gonna find out what a sick pup I am.

But the hoopla over Proof of Love has really lit my fire on the second novel in the series, another Georgian romance. This one, tentatively titled Counting on Love, is kind of a Breaking Vegas in the Haute Ton, with a lady who has a knack for winning at cards and a nobleman who falls for her. And, like a sign from God that I am on the right track with my WIP, I made a fabulous discovery this week that has really upped my enthusiasm level.

You see, I have to get a picture – photograph or painting – of my characters before I can really start visualizing them in my scenes. I had a good idea for my heroine, and put her picture on my desktop for inspiration. But I couldn’t find one for my hero. I knew who he was, what he was like – he’s just a real sweet guy who has found the woman of his dreams and wants to marry her (the heroine is the one with all the angst.) But I couldn’t find a picture that caught him.

Then my daughter’s copy of Entertainment Weekly came in the mail. I was flipping through it, idly noting all the tv shows I don’t have time to watch, when I saw a familiar face. Who is that guy? Hmmm. I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but maybe I should. He’s a cutie. Then it hit me – Andrew Lincoln, who was so adorable and sweet as the guy crushing on Keira Knightly in Love Actually. Now, it would be easy for a guy to get lost in the shuffle in a cast with Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, et al. But when he showed up at Keira’s door with the boom box and the sign that said, “To Me You Are Perfect…” Well, swoon.

And it is just that sweet, normal guy kind of look that personifies Lord Martyn in my next book. So, submitted for your approval – Mr. Andrew Lincoln, another one of my Hot Brit Boys.





Oh, and BTW: this being a family blog, I didn’t post my favorite picture of Mr Lincoln. But you can see it on my personal blog at http://www.arabellastokes.com!

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  1. Guess there’s only one thing to say . . . Nice!

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