A Wetsday to Get You Moving!

It has been a wild week around Casa de Romancemama. Went to Birmingham, Alabama for the weekend for the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon, which was my very first appearance as an AUTHOR, then on Monday my debut novel, Proof of Love, was released by Champagne Books. I can at last check off “publish a novel” on my bucket list, but I’m having so much fun I’m gonna do it again.

With all the excitement, and of course having to tend to the standard demands of family and dayjob, I realized that I had neglected to find a guest for this week’s Wetsday post. And we all know how important our weekly shot of hot, sweaty manhood is for our creativity!

Luckily, my friend Jackie to the rescue — She sent me a video that I think y’all are gonna love! Seriously, I think I have finally discovered something that would make even me jump on a stationary bike and exercise!

And, dearest Ro’mama, you ask, just what does that have to do to do with “wet?” Well, chicadees, this video is brought to you by Contrex, the French mineral water company. Is that a sign from God that this video was meant for Wetsday, or what?

So jump on those exercise bikes, ladies, and enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. That is made of awesome!!!!!!

  2. I just had to replay it! lol Purely for research purposes, of course! Thank you, Ro’mama!

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