Sick Sucks

Hello everyone! Today I am still battling a severe cold. For the last two weeks I have been sick, gotten better, and then gotten sick again. Last night I had to drag my sorry sick self out of the house to go trick or treating. It was a long long night. Today I am regretting the cold night air. But I wanted you all to know that Sayde is somewhat alive.



4 Responses

  1. Have a Hot Toddy before bed tonite.

  2. Sorry you’re feeling puny, Cowgirl. I know it’s hard to do with a family, but try to crawl under the covers and rest. (And Diane’s advice is good! Toddy have been known to work miracles! lol)

  3. Hey Sayde – sorry you’re still under the weather. Hope you feel better soon because I’m pretty sure there should be chapters coming my way… đŸ™‚

  4. MISS the heck out of you, chica!!! Feel better.

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