A Philosophical Debate for Wetsday

Some of you have the mistaken idea that I am frivolous, only interested in posting pictures of attractive, usually British, actors in wet swimsuits. Well, darlings, that’s not completely accurate. It is one of my favorite activities, but I am a much more complex person than that.

Why, just this week, a friend and I were having a philosophical discussion about the relative merits of several cinematographic versions of the works of Jane Austen. It was a rousing, spirited debate, with each of us holding fast to our standards yet being respectful of the others’ viewpoint.

See, I say Jonny Lee Miller has the best bod of all the movie Mr. Knightlys, while she insists on her preference for Jeremy Northam. I’m afraid that this comes down to a basic difference in our belief system, and we shall have to agree to respectfully disagree.

(But how anyone can watch JLM’s shouting-at-Emma scene and not fantasize about having an argument — and making up — with him is beyond me.)

But to be fair, I am willing to consider opposing viewpoints. So here, in honor of my friend Sophie, is your Wetsday guest, her ultimate Mr. Knightly, Jeremy Northam!






2 Responses

  1. I have to side with Sophie as you well know. That Jonny Lee Miller is an upstart. A nice looking upstart, but an upstart nonetheless!

    Great pictures!

  2. Oooooo! And you even found a WET one to post! *hugs self* Thank you, Arabella Stokes!

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